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Fuck Me Running

No, not like THAT.  Sheesh, people can be so literal-minded.  {giggle…}

The urban dictionary says “fuck me running” is an interjection and means:

To express extreme exasperation, shock, or dismay. A magnification of fuck me. Metaphoric exaggeration of being fucked while trying to run.

Yeah, exactly.

One week into the 50 Day Challenge, i weighed myself.

Ok, i admit, i haven’t actually been dieting.  But i’ve been eating less, and i’ve been more careful about what i ate, and i’m exercising every frigging day.  So i’m thinking, well, maybe i haven’t lost any weight, maybe i’ve just stayed the same.  Right?


i gained.

i gained two frigging pounds.

At this rate, by the end of 50 days, i’ll look like a bowling ball.


No, i don’t think it’s muscle.  i asked some doctor about that once, and he said unless i was lifting weights and “bulking up” it didn’t work like that.  i don’t think i’ve built two pounds of muscle.


No, i’m not giving up.  i think i’m just gonna quit eating.

No, i’m not really going to quit eating.  Sigh…  Maybe next week will be more successful.



We are starting Day 5 of the Fifty Day Challenge.  After today, we’ll be 10 percent done.  i am hanging in there.  i’ve substituted some different exercises for the planks and feel like a more virtuous person.  🙂

But going into Day 5 also means i have gotten spanked 4 days in a row.  For the most part, not hard, and certainly not for long  ~ a two minute spanking is a morsel, a small treat in my opinion.   And yet.

The four days of exercise have begun to build muscles, and that feels good.  Four days of spanking have softened me in some way.  Yeah, like pounding on meat to tenderize it?  Something like that, i suppose!

i feel more connected to Him in a submissive way.  When i sit near Him, i feel like part of me melts and i want to touch Him.  When i’m in His arms, i feel that warm, melting sensation that i think of as one of the joys of being submissive.

Not that i didn’t before, but more so now.  i really like the feeling, and wonder what it’ll be like ~ how i’ll feel ~ when we’re 50 days into the challenge.


“No,” He says.  He is holding His cock close to her face; she kneels at His feet.

“Please, Sir?” she says.

“No,” and He strokes it, bringing it close to her lips without letting it touch.

She licks her lips, tilts her head, trying to entice Him.   He smiles, and says it again, “No.”

Kneeling naked, hands behind her back, balancing is not as easy as she had expected, but she finds that spreading her knees wider is helpful.  Her nipples ache from the clamps, and every time she gets used to the feeling, He tightens them a notch.

“Tell me why you want to,” He says.  “Convince me.”

“i want to because you look so good, i love your cock, just look at Him, all hard there, and i want to taste Him, take Him in my mouth and taste Him and lick all around Him and suck him and please, can’t i, just a little taste?”

“No,” He says, still stroking Himself.  He loves to make her beg.   In a little while, He thinks, He will spank her ass until she begs for mercy.

Just One More Thing

It seems to me that exercise, and diets, and anything that has to do with body issues, has the potential to tap into a whole world of internal hurt.  To throw us back into some kind of younger state and reopen old wounds and… yeah.

It’s good to be able to remember that the hurt is more about then than now.  It’s good to be able to re-center oneself and recover.  It’s good to actually be a grown up and not lost in that world of child helplessness.

And really, that’s all.

O, Not The Cane, Sir

“Please, Sir, not The Cane, Sir, anything but The Cane!!”

He laughs, a most dastardly laugh, and i  think if He had a longer mustache, He would twirl the ends.  “Not the cane?” He says.  “Oh, I think yes, the cane.”  And He slashes it across my poor, exposed, already pink and tingling, delicate derriere.

“Ah!  O!  Mm!”  little squeals and such escape me as the cane strikes my flesh…  but He’s brutal, my Master, ignoring my cries, my unspoken pleas for mercy, He continues the cruel caning for at least two minutes, which seem much, much longer…  and i have to ask myself ~~

~~ Would it have been better to go with planks?

~~  Is spanks for planks really a good substitution?

~~  Will my ass wear out long before the 50 days are up????

Stay tuned for our next episode of the Fifty Day Challenge


Two of 50 ~ and a Bit of Fantasy

So i walked three miles (instead of jumping jacks,) did 50 crunches, 50 push-ups, and tried to do the stupid plank thing,  You realize, i only call it stupid because i can’t do it, right?  But i did try, even though i think i was probably doing it wrong, just like i was doing the push-ups wrong until Sir showed me the right way.  Grumble, grumble…

Last night, Sir spanked me for two minutes ~ “spanked” is my substitute for planked ~ mwhahahahahaha!  It was a lovely spanking, with plenty of rubbing too, and i went to bed a happy girl.

Day 2, here we come.


They aren’t rough, the hands on her, but not quite gentle either, not a caress exactly, but an examination, she thinks.  And then wonders how she can think so calmly while they touch her.

The calm lasts just for a minute, while hands ~ how many?  five or six perhaps?  ~ stroke her inner thighs, lift each breast, gently pinch the nipples, spread her ass cheeks and then part the folds of her wet pussy.  She can experience that calmly, even the comments.

“Her asshole has not been used it seems,” says one of the men.

“No?” says another one.  “Well, if so, that’s easily remedied.  No marks on her anywhere that I can see.”

“That can be remedied too!” and they laugh.  She wonders what they mean.  Surely not birthmarks?  But what then?

The touch continues, comments and gentle laughter.  “She’s very wet already,” and “She’ll be begging us to fuck her before we’re through,” they say.

She is humiliated to realize their words are increasing her arousal.  With her arms fastened above her head, ankles attached to the spreader bar,  blindfolded, she is completely open, at their mercy.

And they have been merciful so far, but that ends quickly as they attach the nipple clamps to her nipples.  Pinching each nipple first  and then fastening ~ omg ~ she doesn’t know what it is, but it hurts, each nipple hurts as the whatever-it-is goes on, and then they get tighter and she whimpers.

“Does that hurt?” says a voice.

She doesn’t realize she’s supposed to answer until she hears a whoosh and feels a sudden slash of pain across her upper thighs ~ O ~ it hurts, and she cries out.  She doesn’t even know what they have struck her with, but, “Answer the question, slut,” says the voice.  “Do the nipple clamps hurt?”

“Yes,” she says, “Yes!” and o, no – the whoosh and slash comes again, and “Sir,” he says.  “It’s ‘Yes, Sir,’ always, slut.  Or ‘Yes, Master,’ that works too.  Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir,” she says, tears in her eyes, and she is not sure if the tears are completely from the pain, or if it is also the humiliation of not knowing the right thing, not knowing how to please.  “Yes, Master, it hurts,” she adds.

“Better,” he says, and he sounds pleased.  But ~ hands on her nipples, and suddenly the clamps are even tighter, and she whimpers again.  “Hurt more?” he asks, his tone casual.

“Yes, Sir, Yes, Master,” she says, eager now to get it right.

“Good girl,” he says, and she thinks he is smiling.  “We’re going to whip you in a little bit.  That will hurt too.  I think you have not felt much pain before, right?”

“No, Sir,” she says.  “Not ~ um, no, Sir.”

“And I think you have not been well-trained either.”  Suddenly a hand is in her hair, pulling her head back, exposing her throat.  A thumb caresses her lips.

“Have you been trained to use your mouth for your Master’s pleasure?” He asks, his mouth close to her ear.

“I ~ I ~ no, Sir, not trained.  No, Sir.”

He releases her hair then, and she makes a little sound, just a little almost-whimper, and maybe she misses that firm hand just a tiny bit.

“Don’t worry,” he says.  “We will be glad to train you.”


The Challenge

i’ve been trying to lose weight.  Not trying real hard like when you actually make major changes in your eating habits and stick to it, but thinking a lot about it and putting some effort into it sometimes.   {Please do not feel a need to tell me to try Diet X, Y, or Z.  i’m pretty sure i already know about it.}

But i have been getting back into exercising.  Me and Leslie Sansone {of video workout fame} are walking together in the mornings ~ she LOVES it when i decide to walk with her.  She says so during the cool down every day.

So yesterday, when ‘Nilla offered to let me join her in the 50 Day Challenge, i was open to the idea.

“It’s easy,” she says.  “You can do it.”

What do we have to do? i ask.

Every day for 50 days, we have to do:

~ 50 sit-ups

~ 50 push-ups

~ 25 jumping jacks AND

~ A two-minute plank

After i pick myself up off the floor, where i’d been rolling with laugher, i say, “A two-minute plank???  i don’t even know what that IS, much less think i can do it.”

No worries, she assures me, you can do the modified version, and she describes the position.   In case you are as ignorant as i was, here it is:

Yoga_PlankPose_300x350But ~ jumping jacks?  i can’t do jumping jacks.  Nope, no way.  i have a knee issue.   i offered to do a blog post every day instead, but she wasn’t having that.

No, no, she says, no worries, you can do 15 minutes of cardio instead.

Fifteen minutes of cardio instead of 25 jumping jacks?  That seems like a harsh trade-off, but hey, Leslie’s already got me walking under her thumb, i guess that qualifies as a cardio workout.  Ok, i can do that.

Sit-ups are bad for your back, i hear, but ‘Nilla says i can do crunches instead of sit-ups, yes, that’s fine. And push-ups ~ when the mere idea of me doing push-ups sends me into gales of laughter ~ she assures me i can do them against the wall or off a counter.  Ok.  i guess.

That leaves me with the plank.  i bet even the modified version is not as easy as it looks.  It kind of makes my arms ache just looking at it.   So i’ve decided another substitution is in order.

Spanks instead of planks.  Yes.  Instead of assuming that position for two minutes every day, Sir will spank me for two minutes every day.

i had to check with Him before i could commit to that, and He seemed a little skeptical.  Like that would be more exercise for Him than for me.  But finally He said sure, i just need to get Him up two minutes early every day.

i can do that.

If you miss a day, you have to set aside a dollar.  i’m not sure what you do with the dollars at the end, but i’m thinking that ‘go shopping,’ or ‘go out for dinner’ is not the right answer.   i’ll have to check back with ‘Nilla on that.

April 1st.  That’s when the good times start.  If you want to play too, feel free to join the fun.  If you let me know in the comments, then we can cheer each other on.  Or hold each other up, whichever seems more appropriate.