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Eleven O’Clock

By the time Sir finishes my ten o’clock spanking, i feel like my ass is on fire.  Stinging and burning.  He’d used the short leather strap ~ it’s about 12 inches by 4 with a short handle.   He kept hitting me on the lower part of my ass, and upper thighs, two on one side, then two on the other.

At the sixth blow, i’m begging him to stop, and he does, just long enough to ask me if i want to be gagged.  Which i don’t.  After that, i limit myself to whimpers and moans, an occasional squeal, which i know he doesn’t mind a bit.

i slip into that space then, you know, where it doesn’t hurt in the same way, it’s intense and focused and feels right.  Painful, but like i can take it for days.  Instead of wriggling to get away, i feel my ass rising to meet the strap.

He finally gets to ten, and lets me slide off his lap.  “There,” he says, “Nicely tenderized now.  Let me see if you’re moisturized too.”  He laughs, and slides a hand between my legs.  My cunt is soaked, and i could cum with almost no encouragement, but he pulls his hand away.

“Very nice,” he says, pinching my nipples hard.   “Would you like to suck my cock?’

“Yes, Sir,” and i realize it’s true, i really do want to.  Very much.  Vaguely, i realize there are still people around us, but i’m totally focused on him.

The focus increases as he pulls his cock out, stroking it, letting me near it without touching.  i can see a drop of cum on the tip, smell his musky maleness and i want to touch, to lick.  He wraps his fist in my hair, allows me close enough to let the tip of my tongue caress him.

“Slowly,” he says.  “Show me how well you can do this, take your time.”

Eager to please, i work slowly and carefully, licking the length of his cock, using the tip of my tongue first and then the whole tongue, sucking the head of his cock, and then taking him deep into my throat.  He lets me set the pace for a while, then begins to direct ~

~ harder and faster, filling my mouth ~~

~~  hitting the back of my throat, making me gag ~

~ over and over, fucking my mouth in his rhythm now, his time ~

until he cums, filling my mouth and i struggle to swallow, tears running down my face.

When he is finished, i rest my head on his thigh, he strokes my head.  “Good girl,” he says.

He lets me rest there for a bit.  He is talking to people around us, but i am lost in my own world of contentment.  My ass is tender and tingling, and i feel tired and well-used.

After a while, i don’t know how long, he grasps my hair, raising my head to look at him.  “Hey,” he says, “You need to grab some breakfast.  Go to the bathroom if you need to, there’s some food out in the kitchen for you, time’s flying by.  Here ~ i’ll help you up.”

He helps me to my feet, i am a bit shaky, almost disoriented.  Diana is there, i had not noticed her coming in, and Sir hands me off to her.  She takes my arm gently, steers me toward the bathroom.

She lets me clean up, even washing the rouge off with the bidet, which almost makes me cum. Then we head for the kitchen, where they feed me an egg and some cantaloupe and strawberries.

i’m starting to feel back to normal again, if you can call it *normal* to be walking around naked with a red ass and an aching, throbbing hot pussy.

Diana leads me to the study, where a number of people are relaxing, reading, working on computers, or serving and being served.   Sir is there, he smiles at me and my nipples get hard, my pussy throbs even more.

i gesture that i’d like to sit at his feet, but he shakes his head.  Dismayed, my eyes fill with tears, why does he not want me there?  Gently, he says, “There’s not time for that, little one.  Almost 11.”

As he says it, the clock begins to chime.   “Come,” says Diana.  She takes my hand and leads me to the front of the room.  A spanking bench, prominently displayed, and she helps me kneel up on it, bend over.

My Master joins us, he stands beside me, a hand in my hair.   i cannot see what Diana is holding, but it whistles through the air and lands hard on my right cheek.  It’s something wide,  maybe a belt?  A bit wider than the strap Sir had used.

i cry out, and Sir slides a finger into my mouth.  “Suck,” he says, and i do, as the next blow lands on the other cheek.

Nine A.M.

The eight o’clock licks were much worse than the first seven.  Having to count one-one, two-two, as Diana did each side kind of made it hard to keep count too.  i think it was more like 10 on each side, but i couldn’t prove it.

Being wet, fresh from the shower, didn’t make it sting any less either.  i’ve always heard  that being wet makes it hurt more, and it sure seems like it to me.

i have to hurry again to get down to the dressing area.  i’m on breakfast duty and expected to be ready to serve at 9:00.   But first we help each other get ready.

It’s like a cross between a locker room and a harem.  The other submissives who are serving at breakfast are already part-way finished when i get there.   i quickly shed the thin robe i’m allowed to wear going through the halls and join them as we rub in lotion, dry and brush hair,  apply  make-up.

The valets are helping too, and Jon has me lie on my back with my legs spread wide while he runs the epilady over my pussy.  That hurts, but not as much as the pussy whipping he administers if you move, so i manage to lie perfectly still.

When he’s finished, he brushes his fingers over my skin lightly testing the smoothness.  i start to get up, but he shakes his head.  “Not yet,” he says, “Special instructions today.”

Carefully, he applies lipstick to my nether lips, a bright red that matches the color already on my lips – well, on my mouth.  i’m embarrassed.  It looks ~ i don’t know ~ it looks so vulgar, and i know that sounds silly, considering where i am and what i’m doing, but still i’m embarrassed.

And wet.  Jon slides two fingers inside me, making me gasp with shock and then with pleasure.  He smiles and withdraws them.  “Always available,” he says.  “I hear that’s your motto today.  This pretty pussy should remind everyone of that.  Now let’s do your nipples.”

He does, painting them a lurid red also, and holding up a hand mirror so i can see the effect.   i feel like there are arrows pointing to my breasts, my pussy and even my bright red mouth, as if i’m advertising that i want to be taken.  And really, i guess that’s the truth of the matter.

He pinches my nipples – hard – and then releases them.  He nods.  “Good, that didn’t smudge it at all, that color should last a long time.”

He helps me stand ~ just in time.  The clock chimes and i bend at the waist, not sure what to lean on or where to put my hands, but not wanting to be caught unprepared.  Jon is sitting on a low stool, he takes my hands and places them on his thighs.   He is still holding my hands when i feel a presence behind me, hands part my ass cheeks, stroke the crack between my cheeks, pausing at my asshole, which automatically puckers.

“That’s right,” it’s Diana’s voice, “tighten that asshole, and i’ll make sure they open it for you.”  But that only makes me more tense, and tighter, and she laughs.  That’s not a bit reassuring, but i don’t have time to worry about it.

“Do you want her mouth?” she says, and i realize she’s talking to Jon.

“I wouldn’t mind,” he says.

“Kneel,” she says, and i lower myself to the floor.  This puts me directly on a level with Jon’s cock.

“Push your ass up,” she says, a phrase i hate, but i do as she says.

Jon has taken out his cock, which is already hard.  He takes my hair from behind and raises my head, lowers it on his cock, pushing himself deep into my mouth.  i like his taste, and i begin to suck, working to focus on him and his pleasure.

Diana stands behind me, a bit to the side.  i can’t see what she’s holding, but i can tell when it lands on my ass ~ it’s the wooden spoon.  The cock in my mouth keeps me from crying out, but Jon moans, and i know he’s enjoying the extra vibration of my mouth.

“Jon, why don’t you count,” she says.

“Me?”  There’s laughter in his voice, and i think, o, no.  Then, “Sure I’ll be glad to count, let’s hope I can focus.”  He adds,  “The rest of you can go ahead and do what you need to be doing.”  For a moment, i’m confused by that, then I realize the other submissives and David, the other valet, have been watching this unfold.

“Go ahead, Diana,” Jon says, and the spoon lands again.

“One,” he says, thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth.

Eight A.M.

The first seven licks ~ well, fourteen, if you count one on each side ~ weren’t bad.  i think she was using a ruler, or some piece of wood about that size.  It stung, i squirmed, but it wasn’t too bad.

Not even when she uses it on my upper thighs, making me cry out.

When she is finished, she moves back, i am whimpering a bit, but i hear the zipper.  i’m going to get fucked, i think, and sure enough, he stands behind me, i can feel his jeans against my bare legs, feel the head of his cock pressing at my lips.

He slides into me and i cry out with pleasure, moving my ass back against him, taking him deeper into my hot cunt.  But he pulls out then, lightly slaps my ass.  “Not now,” he says.

He moves to my side, with hands on my shoulders he moves my body, i slide down to my knees and he sits where i had been lying.  He strokes his cock.

i lick my lips, yes, i would like to taste that, very much.   i look up at him, but he shakes his head.  No.

“Horny slut,” he says, smiling indulgently.  “Not now.  You may kiss my cock, but don’t put it in your mouth.”

Carefully, i kiss the offered cock, large and swollen, lightly, being careful not to even act like i’m going to do more.

“Good girl,” he says, as he pulls it away from me, stands.  “Maybe later,” he says.  “Time to start your day.”

He leaves, and Diana, who has spanked me, smiles.  “You have meditation next, right?” she asks.  i nod.  She says, “That’s cool, the chime will sound when your half hour is up,” and adds, laughing, “Not the clock – that won’t go off until 8.  But the bell will ring in half an hour.   Then you can shower and I’ll be back at 8.  Go pee if you need to, and then I want to see you on your knees, face down on the floor today.”

I rush to the bathroom, and hurry back, she’s waiting, so i kneel quickly, face down, ass raised.   She says, “The meditation theme is openness, availability.  See you at 8!”

i settle into position, try to compose myself to contemplate openness and being always available.   My hesitation to offer myself is what got me in this trouble in the first place.  i sigh a bit.

i try not to look for words, i try to focus on the openness of my body in this position.   The feeling of being told to open, the sense of responding to him rather than my own wants.

Time passes slowly, but i feel myself slipping deeper into that space where i am always available.  My legs spread wider, my ass hole relaxes, i am open and available.

And the bell rings.  It takes me a minute to gather myself,, to bring myself into the need to move, to shower.  But i do it quickly.   Awake at seven, thirty minutes of meditation, plus however long it took for the spanking and cock tease from my Master ~ well, it will have to be a quick shower if i’m going to be ready for Diana at 8.


i am barely stepping out of the shower, still wet, when i hear the chimes, see Diana standing in the doorway.  i don’t hesitate, i turn so my back is to her, bend over, placing my hands on a stool we keep in the bathroom for a variety of purposes.

“Good girl,” she purrs, stepping behind me.  “All ready, and still wet.”  i hear a THWACK as she slaps something against ~ against her hand, i guess.  It doesn’t sound like the piece of wood she used last time.

No, as it lands on my right ass cheek, i know it isn’t, it’s the wide leather strap  O, shit.  That hurts already.  And being wet doesn’t help.

“You count this time,” she says.  “That’s one.”  The strap lands on my left ass cheek.

“Two,” i say.

“No, that’s one too,” she laughs, “One also, that is.  Wow, this could be confusing.  One on each side.  Let’s start again.”

Doing It Differently

“There is one thing I think I need to do differently,” He says.

i lean forward, fascinated.  “There is?”

“Yes,” He says thoughtfully, nodding, “I’ve been thinking about it, even watched a couple of videos, and I think there’s a change I need to make.”

Keeping my voice soft and low, not wanting to shift the mood, i ask, “What is it?”

“Aftercare!” He says, in the tones of one announcing the discovery of America.  “I need to do more aftercare.”

i’m a little surprised, but pleased.  You know, one’s Dominant wanting to give you more aftercare sounds like a great thing.  i’m still smiling when He says:

“BUT.   I haven’t been doing it because you have’t NEEDED aftercare.  I haven’t given you the kind of stripes that require aftercare.  That’s what I need to do first.  Give you some real serious stripes.”

My smile is weaker.  “O,” i say.  “Serious stripes?”

“Yeah,” complacent now,  “I need to really give you the kind of stripes that, without some aftercare, you’ll still be feeling them 3 or 4 days later.  Then we can do some aftercare.  Don’t you think?”

What can i say?  The tingle in my belly and the heat between my legs suggest it’s still not a bad idea.

“We’ll need to go from about a seven to a nine on the pain scale,” He says, “Really leave some marks.  Then maybe put some ice on them.  That would be good.  Don’t you think so?”

Well.  You know, it wasn’t my first thought when He said He wanted to do more aftercare.  But what can i say?  “Yes,” i say, half-smiling, part-excited, part-resigned,  “Yes, Sir, that sounds right to me.”

Every Hour

“No, only the hours she’s awake,” he says.  “No need to wake her each hour this time.”

A shiver runs through me.

“How many?” the woman asks.

“Oh, one for each hour,” he says.  “You know, three at three o’clock, ten at ten o’clock.”  He pauses.  “On each cheek.  So that would be six at three o’clock, three on each ass cheek.  Or each thigh.  You can mark her upper thighs too.  She needs to feel it when she sits.”

He turns to me then, and smiles.  “The clock chimes you know.  When you hear the clock chiming, you are to stop whatever you’re doing and present your ass.  i don’t much care if you kneel with your face to the floor, or bend over with your forearms on the table, so long as your ass is offered nicely, easily accessible.   Diana will take it from there.”

i want to ask him how long, for how long will this continue, the hourly spanking.  But i don’t dare, and even if i did, the opportunity is gone.  He takes one step forward and  his cock is at my mouth.

“Open,” he says.

How It Works

i don’t get how it works for real.  But i know this ~

Yesterday, i was a bit overwhelmed with sadness ~ too many bad things happening to people ~ people i know, people i don’t know ~ things that were painful, not fair, not right.  By last night, i was just a bit overwhelmed.

Apparently, i have a saturation point.  It’s as if i can absorb “x” amount of pain and sadness, but after that certain point, anything that’s the least bit sad just seems overwhelmingly painful.

This is a revelation in itself ~ the recognition that the reason i react strongly to things that might seem small when i’m trying to absorb too much pain and loss and grief and injustice and… yeah.  All that.

When Sir puts me to bed last night, i tell Him about it.

He strokes me a bit, after He encircles my right ankle with rope and binds me securely for the night.  His caress is firm.  He takes both my wrists in one hand, holding them together, and runs His other hand down my body.

Then there are spanks ~ quick, stinging, He watches my ass turn pink.  Just one cheek, the one that’s most convenient for Him.  i know, even spanks on alternate cheeks would be nice, but i’ve learned that i usually regret asking for that.

Then He’s done, He pulls the covers over me and kisses me.  i feel better.  Lots better.

i don’t understand how that works.  i just know it does.

Thank you, Sir.

How Many?

That’s what He wanted to know, as i was bent over the bed, skirt lifted, panties down.  “How many will it take to help remind you to keep that in mind?”

“That” was my assignment on sitting, which believe it or not, i had not made progress on.   We talked about why that was the case later, and clarified things, so this was not even a punishment, it was a reminder.


But in that moment, when He says “How many ~ how many with the cane?” i giggle {don’t ask me why!} and say “One?”

He says, “ONE?  How ’bout one SET of FORTY?  Do you think that would help you remember?”

Chastened, i say, “YES!  Yes, Sir, it would for sure!”

“Then count,” He says.

We get to 8 before i mess up and have to start over, but after that, i make it straight through.  Yikes.

He had hoped to leave me tingling all day, so He’s disappointed when the tingling fades way too soon.   A welt or two lingered, as He discovered last night, but they don’t hurt.  i don’t know how that con be , i can feel them when He touches them, but they don’t hurt.

Anyhow.  when He asks me about pain levels, i have to admit {honest slut that i am} that it was only between a 4 and a 6.  i think He will work on raising that level next time.

And this experience ties back into this post from jade.  She quotes another blog post by a Dominant who says, “slaves need physicality.”  

Yes.    We really do.  It doesn’t matter “how many?” For sure, one would NOT have been enough.

Thank you, Sir.   {Thank you} X {48} = A Happy Slave Girl.