O, Not The Cane, Sir

“Please, Sir, not The Cane, Sir, anything but The Cane!!”

He laughs, a most dastardly laugh, and i  think if He had a longer mustache, He would twirl the ends.  “Not the cane?” He says.  “Oh, I think yes, the cane.”  And He slashes it across my poor, exposed, already pink and tingling, delicate derriere.

“Ah!  O!  Mm!”  little squeals and such escape me as the cane strikes my flesh…  but He’s brutal, my Master, ignoring my cries, my unspoken pleas for mercy, He continues the cruel caning for at least two minutes, which seem much, much longer…  and i have to ask myself ~~

~~ Would it have been better to go with planks?

~~  Is spanks for planks really a good substitution?

~~  Will my ass wear out long before the 50 days are up????

Stay tuned for our next episode of the Fifty Day Challenge



6 thoughts on “O, Not The Cane, Sir

  1. vanillamom

    trembling tummy muscles or quaking buttocks, shifting in the chair for the next morning, and a certain hot flush…

    i dunoo.. tough choice, that.



  2. sirqsmlb

    Um I’d laugh, but my stomach muscles hurt way WAY tooo much. HOLY CROW….well, I’m glad he’s taking this seriously….hehehehe. OK, that wasn’t supportive. Let me start over.

    Oh Sofia. I am so sorry. You poor thing. I hope your Master has issues with finding his cane.


    Ok – so I tried to have a straight face, just couldn’t do it. Couldn’t pull it off. Sorry 🙂


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