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Her Master’s Gift

That’s a great title isn’t it?

‘Nilla’s master had her make a gift, under his instructions, to bring me.  It came in a box:



Each side of the box has a unique design.


Inside the box is this:

IMG_3537Tiny pieces of paper with little designs on them.  Can you guess what it is yet?  No?  Here’s another hint.


Still don’t get it?  Half O’s.  ‘Nilla’s master sent me a box of half O’s.  What a thoughtful gift!  Lol…


More Fiona

So we went to the museum, me and Fiona and the kids.  I was running early the night before, but about 15 minutes later than planned in the morning ~ they were all loaded up and ready to go in front of the hotel when i pulled up.  And we were off and running.

The museum was a lot of fun.  Fiona’s kids are curious and interested in just about everything, which makes doing things with them a real pleasure.

Sometimes, when submissives get together, we have a hard time deciding what to do.  Lots of “what do you want? i don’t care, what do you want?  no, it doesn’t matter to me, what do you want?” stuff.   We didn’t have too much of that ~ maybe because Fiona has experience as a switch?  So she was able to make a decision without too much back-and-forth, and that was lovely.

She can be a tad bossy too.  Just a tad.  So if she tells you she’s picking up the check, just let her.  Don’t try to arm wrestle her for it ~ you’ll lose.  Well, i did, anyhow.  {And don’t apologize again, Fiona, please!  It really did crack me up, and i wasn’t even going to mention it, except you already did in the comments, and you know people were wondering how you woman-handled me!}


Overall, it was a very vanilla event, of course.  We were surrounded by children, hers and then mine.  But there were a couple of subtleties that we could share.  One of the exhibits reminded us of some of ‘Nilla’s stories, and we took some pictures to send her.


Maybe it’ll inspire some new stories with that alien/tentacle twist she does so well.

Then there was this:


Pretty, right?  Fiona made it for me.  The museum had some hands-on stuff of course, and one of them was the opportunity to do “rubbings” {i think that’s what they call them,} where you put your paper over some raised image and color.  It is a bit hard to tell what this one is {no offense, Fiona} but it’s an image of a knight or some such figure, kneeling up with arms crossed in front of him.

Why would she give me that, you ask?

It’s to remind me, she says ~ to remind me to practice sitting.  Mmmmmhmmm, yes she did.  So i’m hanging it on the wall in my study.  Will it improve my compliance with sitting practice?  Who knows… but i’ll remember Fiona and smile every time i see it.

Our Fiona

She’s delightful.  Let me cut to the chase ~ Fiona and her kids are charmers.

They got to town yesterday afternoon.   I had some down time in the late afternoon, so i invited them to stop by my office.

“Are you sure?” Fiona texts me.  “Three children you know.”  That makes me laugh, yes, i know that.   And yes, that’s really ok.

i go downstairs to meet them.  There’s a blonde woman with a phone in her hand, and i have my phone in my hand, and for a second i think that might be Fiona, and i’m thinking she doesn’t look like her picture, only of course it’s not her, and the real Fiona waves and get out of her car and wraps me in a wonderfully warm hug.

Her children spring out of the car like ~ well, like they’ve been shut up in a moving vehicle all day long.  They are delightful.  Bright and funny, super polite and yet comfortable in their own skin, if you know what i mean.  Really, they steal the show.

Fiona is lovely.  Physically, she reminds me of an Irish lass, maybe in a Nora Roberts novel.  And it’s clear that her children come by their charm naturally.  She’s warm and down to earth and funny ~~

~~ and you would never know she’s the fiona of screaming orgasms and sore nipples, blow jobs and spankings.  No, you really wouldn’t.

But you would like Fiona immensely.  And her children, who delight me for a good half an hour sharing bits and pieces of their lives, the way kids will when they first meet someone they can tell likes them.   i think of ‘Nilla’s kids, and Sir’s grandkids, all of whom are bright and funny and quirky enough to be interesting.  i’d love to see that crew together ~ omigosh, it gives me hope for the universe after we’re gone!

Then Fiona sweeps her kids back out of my office, heading off to the hotel.  We plan to connect for dinner later.

She actually texts me in a bit and apologizes for her children, saying she feels like they swept in like a tornado.   Our Fiona is an apologizer.  But they’re a blast, a tornado of interesting thoughts, funny ideas, and sharp perceptions from people just discovering the world.

We meet later, and Sir joins us for dinner.  i’m anxious for a minute ~ you know how it is ~ will they like each other?  But there’s no need to worry.  Sir’s quirkiness and theirs meshes just fine, and i can relax and enjoy.

Much later, when we’re home, Sir says, “So that’s Fiona?”  We’d been calling her by her vanilla name all night of course.

“Yes, Sir,” i say.

He nods.  “And she blogs?  And reads your blog?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And she and her husband are into this too ~ into the lifestyle?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He nods.  “So, hmmmm, she knows a whole lot more about me right now than I know about her, doesn’t she?”

i can only laugh, “Yes, Sir, i suppose she does.  But you know, you could go read her blog and then you’d know a whole lot more about her if you wanted to.”  But he just shakes His head.

Tomorrow, we’re off to a museum ~ stay tuned, good times ahead.

Questions Answered, A Visit Planned…

i didn’t forget that there were questions attached to the Sensual Blogger award that Wordwytch gave me.  Here they are:

  1. What is the hardest sexual or sensual situation for you to write about?  Hmmm, none of them are hard, and they’re all hard ~ trying to convey what the feelings were is always a challenge.  Anal sex used to be difficult to write about, but not so much anymore.
  2. Which word is the easiest or most difficult to use in a story?  Which word?  Easiest in what way?  i mean, i use “so,” a lot.  Not sure that makes it the easiest though.  “Cunt” is a more difficult word for me to use, i guess, although i’ve certainly gotten better at it.
  3. Do you consider your writings sensual? Erotic? Something else?  Sometimes they’re sensual and erotic, sometimes they’re funny or poignant or um, yeah, “something else.”    My fantasies tend to be erotic and sensual, my day to day writing maybe not as much.
  4. What kind of setting do you write best in? Is it sensual?  i write best at my computer desk with a cup of coffee to the right of the computer.  That could only seem sensual to me, it’s really pretty mundane.
  5. Do you need to be in a “mindset” to write?  No, i don’t need a “mindset” to write.  i just sit down and start typing, usually it doesn’t take long for me to find a focus.
  6. Which is more sensual? Silk sheets or soft skin?  Hmmmm.  i guess soft skin.  If someone is touching my skin, that’s more sensual than sheets, and if i’m touching someone else’s skin ~ well, there’s my sensual pleasure and their sensual pleasure and it all get multiplied and compounded.  {Did you like the math terms i thew in there?}
  7. If you could construct a “playroom”, what kind of sensual settings would it have?  Well, dim lighting, or at least that option, a spanking bench of some sort, maybe a St. Andrew’s cross.  A chair – one of those chairs for oral worship.  A huge bed. A hot tub and a shower.   It would be warm – maybe have a fireplace.    Comfortable chairs, a rocking chair, with quilts or wraps strewn around.

There!  Part Two of award rules done.  Stay tuned for my awards and the questions for youall.

Now, on a whole different topic…

Next week, at the end of next week, i’ll be leaving town for a work-related conference.  This conference is being held in a city that is close to the home of one of my cyber-friends.   Yes, one of my blogging friends.

Um, yes, a kinky sex blogging friend.

Yes, you probably know her.

And YES, i’m going to go visit her before the conference!!!  Woohoo!!

What?  Who?  Huh?

OH – it’s ‘nilla.   Yep.  How cool is that?  i’m soooooo excited…