More Fiona

So we went to the museum, me and Fiona and the kids.  I was running early the night before, but about 15 minutes later than planned in the morning ~ they were all loaded up and ready to go in front of the hotel when i pulled up.  And we were off and running.

The museum was a lot of fun.  Fiona’s kids are curious and interested in just about everything, which makes doing things with them a real pleasure.

Sometimes, when submissives get together, we have a hard time deciding what to do.  Lots of “what do you want? i don’t care, what do you want?  no, it doesn’t matter to me, what do you want?” stuff.   We didn’t have too much of that ~ maybe because Fiona has experience as a switch?  So she was able to make a decision without too much back-and-forth, and that was lovely.

She can be a tad bossy too.  Just a tad.  So if she tells you she’s picking up the check, just let her.  Don’t try to arm wrestle her for it ~ you’ll lose.  Well, i did, anyhow.  {And don’t apologize again, Fiona, please!  It really did crack me up, and i wasn’t even going to mention it, except you already did in the comments, and you know people were wondering how you woman-handled me!}


Overall, it was a very vanilla event, of course.  We were surrounded by children, hers and then mine.  But there were a couple of subtleties that we could share.  One of the exhibits reminded us of some of ‘Nilla’s stories, and we took some pictures to send her.


Maybe it’ll inspire some new stories with that alien/tentacle twist she does so well.

Then there was this:


Pretty, right?  Fiona made it for me.  The museum had some hands-on stuff of course, and one of them was the opportunity to do “rubbings” {i think that’s what they call them,} where you put your paper over some raised image and color.  It is a bit hard to tell what this one is {no offense, Fiona} but it’s an image of a knight or some such figure, kneeling up with arms crossed in front of him.

Why would she give me that, you ask?

It’s to remind me, she says ~ to remind me to practice sitting.  Mmmmmhmmm, yes she did.  So i’m hanging it on the wall in my study.  Will it improve my compliance with sitting practice?  Who knows… but i’ll remember Fiona and smile every time i see it.

9 thoughts on “More Fiona

  1. abby

    Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. If i were you, I would look at that picture while practicing…you do know…you will have to pay,.
    hugs abby

  2. jadescastle

    i am delighted that it turned out to not be that Fiona turned into a tentacle. Because that would just be odd. 😛
    How thoughtful of her to think of your sitting practice. Switch indeed. lol.

    1. sofia Post author

      Ok, if Fiona had TURNED INTO a tentacle, that would have been beyond weird, and we would have had ~ I would have had ~~ a lot of ‘splaining to do!!!

      And i thought it was thoughtful! 🙂

  3. sirqsmlb

    OK, so I’m not apologizing here….Mommy Domme is a hard to switch to make. The museum was fabulous and lunch amazing. I am so glad you liked my rubbing, hehehehe. Hope it helps with the sitting. Hope your Sir insures that it does!



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