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Floating Fantasy 4-20

The hands between her legs are ~ matter-of-fact, she thinks.   As cool and unhurried as if she’d planned to get a Brazilian wax today, as if she were going to get up and pay them when it’s over.

The other hands are firm, the hands on her ankles, holding her legs spread wide, hands at her knees, holding her immobile, and the hands around her wrists.  She is blindfolded, so she can’t be sure, but she thinks there are four of them ~ four people that is, not counting her lover, who has handed her over for this as if it were quite ordinary.

As if she were stripped naked, blindfolded, and carefully inspected every day.

They had decided to remove her hair; she had not been consulted.  In fact, she’d protested when she realized what they were going to do, protested vehemently enough that they had stuck her panties in her mouth to stop her complaints.

“A penis gag, that’s what she needs,” said one of them, and she shudders now at the idea. This is bad enough.

She bucks on the table as another strip of wax is removed, ripping the hair off her most sensitive area, and she whimpers.   “Almost done,” says another voice, a woman maybe.  “Just need to do the asshole.  That’s it, hold her legs up,” and to her shock, her legs are pulled up, hands part her ass cheeks, exposing the crevice between them.

She bucks a little, trying to avoid the hands applying the warm wax, and they do stop.  But a sudden SMACK and a fierce sharp pain across the back of her thighs, first one and then the other, shocks her.  It continues for a minute, two maybe, and she is tossing her head in pain.

A hand in her hair, her lover’s voice in her ear, stops her.  “Hold still,” he says.  “Hold still, slut, and let them finish here.  You should be grateful instead of fighting this.  I want you completely naked and exposed.  We have been gentle so far, understanding that you are very new and not well-trained, but they are gentle by my command.  This can become much more painful.”

She is so focused on his words that the stinging blows landing on her thighs and the bottom of her ass  seem to fade in importance.   His voice pulls her back into the feeling that had led her into this adventure.  She feels her body relax, and open, despite the spanking that continues.

And she realizes, much to her embarrassment, that her pussy is wet.  Soaking wet.