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How It Works

i don’t get how it works for real.  But i know this ~

Yesterday, i was a bit overwhelmed with sadness ~ too many bad things happening to people ~ people i know, people i don’t know ~ things that were painful, not fair, not right.  By last night, i was just a bit overwhelmed.

Apparently, i have a saturation point.  It’s as if i can absorb “x” amount of pain and sadness, but after that certain point, anything that’s the least bit sad just seems overwhelmingly painful.

This is a revelation in itself ~ the recognition that the reason i react strongly to things that might seem small when i’m trying to absorb too much pain and loss and grief and injustice and… yeah.  All that.

When Sir puts me to bed last night, i tell Him about it.

He strokes me a bit, after He encircles my right ankle with rope and binds me securely for the night.  His caress is firm.  He takes both my wrists in one hand, holding them together, and runs His other hand down my body.

Then there are spanks ~ quick, stinging, He watches my ass turn pink.  Just one cheek, the one that’s most convenient for Him.  i know, even spanks on alternate cheeks would be nice, but i’ve learned that i usually regret asking for that.

Then He’s done, He pulls the covers over me and kisses me.  i feel better.  Lots better.

i don’t understand how that works.  i just know it does.

Thank you, Sir.



His voice is gruff, his hands firm.  My right nipple is held tight between thumb and middle finger.  It hurts.  Not unbearably, but enough to make me squirm.

i do stop though, as soon as he says it, i stop.  It is just a second too late.  The cane slashes, lands on my ass and i whimper.

“What do I mean,” he asks, “when I say stop?”

“Now,” i say, quickly.  “Now, Sir, you mean now.”

“Yes.”  He kisses my lips lightly, just grazing them with his tongue.  “Good girl.”


Six with the cane?  Six orgasms?  Noooo, go visit ‘nilla or ancilla or fairy or fiona, or just about anyone else.

That’s how many different things i have going on that are either paid work or that connect to work or might create future money possibilities.  Six different ~ different areas really.   i’m all business over here.

Each area has two or three different initiatives or projects.  Each initiative or project has at least two or three subtasks that i’m either working on myself or consulting with someone else on.  That’s at least 24 “to do” lists.  At least.

That’s not counting anything personal.  Not counting redoing the basement.  Not counting blogging.  Not counting exercise or any of that kind of thing.  Not counting the Spanish lessons I’m taking.

I just got a new app called Wunderlist.  i think it’s going to help me stay focused.  i hope it is.

Everything i’m doing is something i want to do.  How cool is that???  It’s totally do-able.  i just need to stay focused.

Each area is like a ~ like an area in a weaving on a loom.  All the different colors, different threads, flow together to create the pattern of my life.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Living the Good Life

This is my favorite time of year, when it’s sunny and warm.  Really, i should be living in some warm climate where it’s like this most of the time.  Maybe someday.

In the meantime, my life has gotten busy in all kinds of good ways.  Work is busier, which is good for me.  My daughter is coming for a long visit with my granddaughter, which means there’s a major house project that needs to be completed  started.  i am more committed to exercising.

Sir is commanding more of my attention in vanilla ways.  i write that and think it sounds odd, but that is what’s happening.  As some on-line marketing article describes it:

People command our attention when they do something that attracts and then either informs or entertains us;

We’ll start talking about something and the next thing i know, it’s time for bed, or time for work, or time for something else that doesn’t involve me being on-line.  i don’t think He’s trying to keep me off-line ~ my best guess is that He’s enjoying this time of year too so we’re connecting in new ways.

It is almost a year that we’ve been living together.  A year ago this weekend He decided that He wanted to spend more time with me, that He didn’t want to live on the other side of town and have to drive back and forth.  This weekend is very different, in some ways, from last year, and i am much happier than i imagined i would be.

Happy lives make for boring blogging though.

And it’s not that i’m being neglected kink-wise ~ far from it.  It weaves through our time together, hugs and spankings mingle, he restrains me at night, attaches a rope to my ankle, secures me, so i am reminded always of my place.  He strokes me, caresses, slaps my ass, uses my mouth and does all the things i love.

He seldom uses nipple clamps anymore, He becomes the clamps, pinching my nipples, pulling them hard, pinching firmly, tighter and looser at His whim, while i whimper and get wetter, wish He would stop, and hope it never ends.

i am always His, and He claims me often.

Life is good.

Memorial Day

This is a lovely weekend for me ~ the true beginning of summer, which i love, lots of activities with friends and loved ones.

And in the US, it’s a time to remember and appreciate those who died for our freedom.

Four things support the world: the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the good, and the valor of the brave.    ~~ Muhammad

And each man stand with his face in the light of his own drawn sword. Ready to do what a hero can.  ~~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

For love of country they accepted death.  ~~ James A. Garfield

Hope you have a wonderful day…

How Many?

That’s what He wanted to know, as i was bent over the bed, skirt lifted, panties down.  “How many will it take to help remind you to keep that in mind?”

“That” was my assignment on sitting, which believe it or not, i had not made progress on.   We talked about why that was the case later, and clarified things, so this was not even a punishment, it was a reminder.


But in that moment, when He says “How many ~ how many with the cane?” i giggle {don’t ask me why!} and say “One?”

He says, “ONE?  How ’bout one SET of FORTY?  Do you think that would help you remember?”

Chastened, i say, “YES!  Yes, Sir, it would for sure!”

“Then count,” He says.

We get to 8 before i mess up and have to start over, but after that, i make it straight through.  Yikes.

He had hoped to leave me tingling all day, so He’s disappointed when the tingling fades way too soon.   A welt or two lingered, as He discovered last night, but they don’t hurt.  i don’t know how that con be , i can feel them when He touches them, but they don’t hurt.

Anyhow.  when He asks me about pain levels, i have to admit {honest slut that i am} that it was only between a 4 and a 6.  i think He will work on raising that level next time.

And this experience ties back into this post from jade.  She quotes another blog post by a Dominant who says, “slaves need physicality.”  

Yes.    We really do.  It doesn’t matter “how many?” For sure, one would NOT have been enough.

Thank you, Sir.   {Thank you} X {48} = A Happy Slave Girl.