Monthly Archives: December 2015

Winter Solstice



The tree is bare, and that lets us see the lovely complexity of the branches.


Wishing you blessings on Winter Solstice.


And hoping for a return to spring and being encircled by light and love.

In a Strange City

I’m away from home – i’ve been traveling all week.  The city i’m in now – i’ve been here once before, a number of years ago.  i came  here to meet a Dom i’d been talking to on-line.  i liked him a whole, whole lot, and i thought he might be my forever Dom.

He wanted to brand me.  He said he would keep me naked forever so he didn’t forget i was a slave, or maybe it was so i didn’t forget i was a slave.

Or maybe he was just talking trash – who knows.

But i came here to meet him and he met me at the airport with two dozen red roses.  i love roses – corny and trite, but i do.

He spanked me in the car, before we ever got to the hotel.

He had cuffs that were fur lined, and we played all weekend long.

It didn’t work out.  i mean, the weekend did, the weekend was great, but we didn’t last forever.  i don’t remember what happened, not exactly,  Other than the whole”neither one of us had any intention of moving” thing  Plus i think he was still in love with some sub he had before who was no good for him and a whole lot of trouble.

Anyhow.  i was just thinking about him as i went through the airport.

A Day Late and A Cookie Short

I have missed actually participating in The Great Online
Cookie Exchange Extravaganza ~ 2015.  A combination of life challenges – some medical issues for my partner, lots of travel, and lots of other work – have keeping me super busy and distracted and not very holidayish.  {Yes, Jz, “hollidayish” is a word.  Ok, it’s not.  But it should be.}

Anyhow – the extravaganza is happening.  If you didn’t participate – like me – there’s still next year to look forward to.  And right now, you should visit Jz here.  Enjoy all that cookie goodness!