In a Strange City

I’m away from home – i’ve been traveling all week.  The city i’m in now – i’ve been here once before, a number of years ago.  i came  here to meet a Dom i’d been talking to on-line.  i liked him a whole, whole lot, and i thought he might be my forever Dom.

He wanted to brand me.  He said he would keep me naked forever so he didn’t forget i was a slave, or maybe it was so i didn’t forget i was a slave.

Or maybe he was just talking trash – who knows.

But i came here to meet him and he met me at the airport with two dozen red roses.  i love roses – corny and trite, but i do.

He spanked me in the car, before we ever got to the hotel.

He had cuffs that were fur lined, and we played all weekend long.

It didn’t work out.  i mean, the weekend did, the weekend was great, but we didn’t last forever.  i don’t remember what happened, not exactly,  Other than the whole”neither one of us had any intention of moving” thing  Plus i think he was still in love with some sub he had before who was no good for him and a whole lot of trouble.

Anyhow.  i was just thinking about him as i went through the airport.

4 thoughts on “In a Strange City

  1. Jz

    What is it with people having the hardest time getting over those who treat them badly?
    But the real question is, would you ever actually want to be branded?
    I’m pretty sure I’d be running like hell…
    (But that’s just one woman’s opinion.)

    1. sofia Post author

      Yeah, I don’t know what that’s about – but it happens all the time. I suspect there are some psychological reasons, but that’s too complex for me today.

      As for the branding thing – at the time, it was this mix of terrified and thrilled that i didn’t quite understand. Now, a bit more clear-thinking, i can say no, of course i didn’t want him to brand me – but i kind of loved that he wanted to.


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