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For ‘Nilla

I totally thought of you, ‘Nilla, when i saw this.  Some poor misguided soul attempting tentacle sex in the privacy of his own home ~ gone wrong.  Dreadfully wrong…

{Here’s the whole link, in case the other one doesn’t work.}

There’s even a video, y’all.  Noooooo, i didn’t watch it.  Ewwwwww.



And here’s the link to the essay i quoted from yesterday: – since some of you had trouble getting to it.  Enjoy.

i am super busy these days ~ it seems like every minute of the day i’m either scheduled to do something i want to do, or i have about 5 choices of things i CAN do, 3 of which are things i want to do.  The other two things i can choose from are things i need to do, of course, but those aren’t actually bad either, for the most part.

So i am a lucky girl these days… and am enjoying it as long as i can.