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How It Works

i don’t get how it works for real.  But i know this ~

Yesterday, i was a bit overwhelmed with sadness ~ too many bad things happening to people ~ people i know, people i don’t know ~ things that were painful, not fair, not right.  By last night, i was just a bit overwhelmed.

Apparently, i have a saturation point.  It’s as if i can absorb “x” amount of pain and sadness, but after that certain point, anything that’s the least bit sad just seems overwhelmingly painful.

This is a revelation in itself ~ the recognition that the reason i react strongly to things that might seem small when i’m trying to absorb too much pain and loss and grief and injustice and… yeah.  All that.

When Sir puts me to bed last night, i tell Him about it.

He strokes me a bit, after He encircles my right ankle with rope and binds me securely for the night.  His caress is firm.  He takes both my wrists in one hand, holding them together, and runs His other hand down my body.

Then there are spanks ~ quick, stinging, He watches my ass turn pink.  Just one cheek, the one that’s most convenient for Him.  i know, even spanks on alternate cheeks would be nice, but i’ve learned that i usually regret asking for that.

Then He’s done, He pulls the covers over me and kisses me.  i feel better.  Lots better.

i don’t understand how that works.  i just know it does.

Thank you, Sir.

Too Late…

Up too late last night, but fortunately after we got home, Sir still had enough energy to administer my nightly spanking.   He complained, though, that it was hurting His hand, whaling away on my poor butt, so He told me to ~

“Stay there ~ don’t move…”

and i can hear Him rooting around in the toy drawer.

“Something kind and gentle, please, Sir,” i say, my voice slightly muffled since i’m lying face down on the bed.

“Kind and gentle?” He says, “Like the paddle?”

“No, Sir,” giggling, “The paddle is NOT kind and gentle.”

“Hmpf,” He says,, and then *it* lands with a thud.

Ahhh, the belt.  Thudding because He’s using it folded over, so it doesn’t thwack, or have that lovely belt crrr-aaaack sound, it is more like a leather paddle, maybe.  Not that i’ve ever experienced a leather paddle, but still.

i love the belt.  Love, love, love it.  So i sigh and wriggle happily as He warms me up.  Then ~

“Let’s see what it’s like with some force behind it,” He says.

O!!  Nothing kind and gentle about that, right?  But still lovely.  And when He is finished, He tucks me in and leaves me to fall asleep happily, butt still tingling.

The End of a Tough Day

“i don’t know,” she says.  “i’ve just been out-of-sorts all day, it seems like.”

“Come here,” He says, holding out His arms.  She steps into them, pressing her body against Him, snuggling close.

His hands stroke her hair, her back.  They move farther down, caressing her ass, and she wiggles a bit, leaning closer into Him, enjoying the feel of His hands.

The caress on her ass shifts, one second He is rubbing and then He raises His hand and brings it down firmly ~ smack.   Again.  And again.

She sighs, snuggling closer, wrapping her arms up around His neck, while the stinging blows land on her ass.  Maybe ten on one side, just as she is beginning to squirm, He shifts to the other cheek, smacking not too hard and not too soft, but juuuuust right.

Back and forth He goes, and she feels the tensions of the day drain completely, all the doubts and fears and maybe-i-should-have’s disappear.

One last smack, and then, “Get ready for bed now,” He says, and she kisses His cheek, “Yes, Sir.”


Sometimes i feel like a puppy.  Like i’m bouncing around Him, going, “pet me, pet me, PLEASE per me!!”

Like i got to be up under His feet all the time.  Not like the cats are under our feet ~ just lying there ignoring us ~ or walking in front of us, winding around our feet as if they somehow don’t know we’re there.

No, i want to touch Him, press against Him, wrap my arms around Him.

He likes it.  When He comes home from work, i hug Him and i don’t want to let go, He says, “Here, let me take my coat off and then you can hug me all you want to.”

When we sit next to each other, in our study, i swivel my chair so i face Him, and scoot closer so His knee is between my thighs.   Then i lean into Him, and kiss His neck.

He pats me and pets and strokes me for a long time.

At night, He tucks me up under Him and i snuggle safe and secure.


But sometimes, i feel like a bird.  Caged at night, not unhappy, but safe.  In my little cage, covered for the night.

In the morning, He lets me out, and sends me out into the world.  He takes me in His hands and releases me. i fly off singing, busy looking for worms, perching in trees, chattering with other birds.

As dusk falls, i head home.  Happy with my adventures of the day, eager to see my handler again.

And at the end of day, he opens the cage door, and i fly in.  Safe and secure.


It is an odd image for me, the bird.  i don’t know where it came from, but i feel it.

A Cold Butt

We sleep spooned together, Sir and i.  Often, i go to bed before Him, so when he comes to bed, i’m already warm and cozy under the covers, and can warm him up.

But last night, He was in bed first.  And i was running around doing last minute going-to-bed stuff, like standing at the door holding it open for the cats while they decided if they were staying in or going out.

So i was cold.

And happy to slip my robe off and climb up into bed beside him.  Turn my back to him and begin to scoot backwards to take my place inside the curve of his body.

There’s a moment, when i’m still a few inches away from him, and i can feel the heat rising off him like a warm oven.  And just in that moment, i feel a wave of utter joy.

Then i scoot those last couple of inches back, and press into his warmth, and sigh with complete satisfaction.  O, yes.

“Your butt’s COLD!” He complains, and rightfully so, it must feel like ice.

i smile to myself, “i know,” and wonder ~ waiting ~

but He’s too tired to warm me with a spanking, which would have been a bonus.   So i settle in closer, warm and secure, and go to sleep.