A Cold Butt

We sleep spooned together, Sir and i.  Often, i go to bed before Him, so when he comes to bed, i’m already warm and cozy under the covers, and can warm him up.

But last night, He was in bed first.  And i was running around doing last minute going-to-bed stuff, like standing at the door holding it open for the cats while they decided if they were staying in or going out.

So i was cold.

And happy to slip my robe off and climb up into bed beside him.  Turn my back to him and begin to scoot backwards to take my place inside the curve of his body.

There’s a moment, when i’m still a few inches away from him, and i can feel the heat rising off him like a warm oven.  And just in that moment, i feel a wave of utter joy.

Then i scoot those last couple of inches back, and press into his warmth, and sigh with complete satisfaction.  O, yes.

“Your butt’s COLD!” He complains, and rightfully so, it must feel like ice.

i smile to myself, “i know,” and wonder ~ waiting ~

but He’s too tired to warm me with a spanking, which would have been a bonus.   So i settle in closer, warm and secure, and go to sleep.


10 thoughts on “A Cold Butt

  1. striving for Peace

    LOL — I thought “Happiness was a warm puppy!” – but I can see I was wrong!

    Love it
    and Love the blog


    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, Sfp!

      You’re right – Sir is better than a puppy any day! Um, wait, that might not have sounded quite right… well, you know what i mean.

      Thanks, i’m glad you like the blog!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. sirqsmlb

    Oh spankings on a cold butt are sooo stingy. But being puzzle pieces places together, Legos snapping together as you spoon and sleep is WONDERFUL!!


    1. sofia Post author

      Hey, Fiona,

      Yes. It is wonderful – and a lot like Legos for sure! Cold butt spankings are stingy, but effective warm ups too…

  3. vanillamom

    sleeping with a spank-warmed bum is a real bonus, to my way of thinking! Sorry you didn’t get that, but all good things, right?

    nilla, smiling

  4. lil

    Lol–my butt is always cold–it’s generally the first topic of conversation when we get in bed.
    Always nice to have someone who’s willing to warm it up though!
    Welcome to Blogland.


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