Too Late…

Up too late last night, but fortunately after we got home, Sir still had enough energy to administer my nightly spanking.   He complained, though, that it was hurting His hand, whaling away on my poor butt, so He told me to ~

“Stay there ~ don’t move…”

and i can hear Him rooting around in the toy drawer.

“Something kind and gentle, please, Sir,” i say, my voice slightly muffled since i’m lying face down on the bed.

“Kind and gentle?” He says, “Like the paddle?”

“No, Sir,” giggling, “The paddle is NOT kind and gentle.”

“Hmpf,” He says,, and then *it* lands with a thud.

Ahhh, the belt.  Thudding because He’s using it folded over, so it doesn’t thwack, or have that lovely belt crrr-aaaack sound, it is more like a leather paddle, maybe.  Not that i’ve ever experienced a leather paddle, but still.

i love the belt.  Love, love, love it.  So i sigh and wriggle happily as He warms me up.  Then ~

“Let’s see what it’s like with some force behind it,” He says.

O!!  Nothing kind and gentle about that, right?  But still lovely.  And when He is finished, He tucks me in and leaves me to fall asleep happily, butt still tingling.


13 thoughts on “Too Late…

  1. littlekaninchen

    That’s a lovely ending to your evening. I am very jealous. My MNL is here for a couple days and its kind of taking up my spanking time… Cramping my D/s style… Lol!
    She leaves tonight so I should be pink cheeked by this time tomorrow…
    Great Post!

    1. sofia Post author

      It was a lovely ending, LK. Hoping you got “pink-cheeked” right when you needed it, and that things are back to normal now. Well, maybe not normal. Back to kinked, right? 🙂

  2. sirqsmlb

    Yea for SPANKINGS with belts…YUM!!! He is a kind Dom (some of the time…hehehehehe).


  3. airasetsunyo

    Belts are always good, straps are good, a little wood ummmm paddle goes a long way. Sounds wonderful.

  4. writingthebody

    Spanking, even punching hurts the domme or dom….surprising to think – but they do have to be careful. Some who have punched me have ended up with sore arms or bruises knuckles. Anyway, it worked rather nicely didn’t it.? I love that tingly feeling too… sweet.

    1. sofia Post author

      It did work nicely, writingthebody and yes of course it can hurt them. However, as Sir sometimes says, “This is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me.” And He’s so right! lol

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. michelle

    Awe, poor Doms, hurting themselves… /sarcasm
    Reminds me of a friend who bought several kinds of rope because he didn’t want the rope to scratch too much when was doing CBT (that would be cock and ball torture, not cognitive behavior therapy) on his boy.

    1. sofia Post author

      O, that’s great! (And thanks for the terminology clarification – it would be unfortunate to confuse those two!! lol}

      Thanks for commenting too!


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