Sometimes i feel like a puppy.  Like i’m bouncing around Him, going, “pet me, pet me, PLEASE per me!!”

Like i got to be up under His feet all the time.  Not like the cats are under our feet ~ just lying there ignoring us ~ or walking in front of us, winding around our feet as if they somehow don’t know we’re there.

No, i want to touch Him, press against Him, wrap my arms around Him.

He likes it.  When He comes home from work, i hug Him and i don’t want to let go, He says, “Here, let me take my coat off and then you can hug me all you want to.”

When we sit next to each other, in our study, i swivel my chair so i face Him, and scoot closer so His knee is between my thighs.   Then i lean into Him, and kiss His neck.

He pats me and pets and strokes me for a long time.

At night, He tucks me up under Him and i snuggle safe and secure.


But sometimes, i feel like a bird.  Caged at night, not unhappy, but safe.  In my little cage, covered for the night.

In the morning, He lets me out, and sends me out into the world.  He takes me in His hands and releases me. i fly off singing, busy looking for worms, perching in trees, chattering with other birds.

As dusk falls, i head home.  Happy with my adventures of the day, eager to see my handler again.

And at the end of day, he opens the cage door, and i fly in.  Safe and secure.


It is an odd image for me, the bird.  i don’t know where it came from, but i feel it.


16 thoughts on “Images

  1. littlekaninchen

    I identify with little bunnies… Hence my nickname Little Kaninchen… 🐇
    I really do get the “bird” identy… I feel the same… As long as you enjoy your flights and love coming home into his arms or your cage… Embrace it… Great post! ❤🐇

  2. Bleuame

    Sofia, Lovely imagery here! There are times when I definitely feel like a pup, especially when my Sir comes home and I love the concept of the bird in the cage being sent out into the world–I relate to that, too! Welcome to Blogland ;o)


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