The End of a Tough Day

“i don’t know,” she says.  “i’ve just been out-of-sorts all day, it seems like.”

“Come here,” He says, holding out His arms.  She steps into them, pressing her body against Him, snuggling close.

His hands stroke her hair, her back.  They move farther down, caressing her ass, and she wiggles a bit, leaning closer into Him, enjoying the feel of His hands.

The caress on her ass shifts, one second He is rubbing and then He raises His hand and brings it down firmly ~ smack.   Again.  And again.

She sighs, snuggling closer, wrapping her arms up around His neck, while the stinging blows land on her ass.  Maybe ten on one side, just as she is beginning to squirm, He shifts to the other cheek, smacking not too hard and not too soft, but juuuuust right.

Back and forth He goes, and she feels the tensions of the day drain completely, all the doubts and fears and maybe-i-should-have’s disappear.

One last smack, and then, “Get ready for bed now,” He says, and she kisses His cheek, “Yes, Sir.”


6 thoughts on “The End of a Tough Day

  1. sin

    Sometimes they do know what we need. Not sure if this is fact or fiction, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? I hope that today is a good day.


    1. sofia Post author

      Hey, Sin ~ Yes, sometimes they really do. And it’s such a lovely feeling when that happens. Thanks for the good wishes ~ hoping the same for you.


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