Questions Answered, A Visit Planned…

i didn’t forget that there were questions attached to the Sensual Blogger award that Wordwytch gave me.  Here they are:

  1. What is the hardest sexual or sensual situation for you to write about?  Hmmm, none of them are hard, and they’re all hard ~ trying to convey what the feelings were is always a challenge.  Anal sex used to be difficult to write about, but not so much anymore.
  2. Which word is the easiest or most difficult to use in a story?  Which word?  Easiest in what way?  i mean, i use “so,” a lot.  Not sure that makes it the easiest though.  “Cunt” is a more difficult word for me to use, i guess, although i’ve certainly gotten better at it.
  3. Do you consider your writings sensual? Erotic? Something else?  Sometimes they’re sensual and erotic, sometimes they’re funny or poignant or um, yeah, “something else.”    My fantasies tend to be erotic and sensual, my day to day writing maybe not as much.
  4. What kind of setting do you write best in? Is it sensual?  i write best at my computer desk with a cup of coffee to the right of the computer.  That could only seem sensual to me, it’s really pretty mundane.
  5. Do you need to be in a “mindset” to write?  No, i don’t need a “mindset” to write.  i just sit down and start typing, usually it doesn’t take long for me to find a focus.
  6. Which is more sensual? Silk sheets or soft skin?  Hmmmm.  i guess soft skin.  If someone is touching my skin, that’s more sensual than sheets, and if i’m touching someone else’s skin ~ well, there’s my sensual pleasure and their sensual pleasure and it all get multiplied and compounded.  {Did you like the math terms i thew in there?}
  7. If you could construct a “playroom”, what kind of sensual settings would it have?  Well, dim lighting, or at least that option, a spanking bench of some sort, maybe a St. Andrew’s cross.  A chair – one of those chairs for oral worship.  A huge bed. A hot tub and a shower.   It would be warm – maybe have a fireplace.    Comfortable chairs, a rocking chair, with quilts or wraps strewn around.

There!  Part Two of award rules done.  Stay tuned for my awards and the questions for youall.

Now, on a whole different topic…

Next week, at the end of next week, i’ll be leaving town for a work-related conference.  This conference is being held in a city that is close to the home of one of my cyber-friends.   Yes, one of my blogging friends.

Um, yes, a kinky sex blogging friend.

Yes, you probably know her.

And YES, i’m going to go visit her before the conference!!!  Woohoo!!

What?  Who?  Huh?

OH – it’s ‘nilla.   Yep.  How cool is that?  i’m soooooo excited…

5 thoughts on “Questions Answered, A Visit Planned…

  1. abby

    You get to meet nilla..and she gets to meet you…I am so jealous of the 2 of perfect is that!!!hugs abby


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