The Challenge

i’ve been trying to lose weight.  Not trying real hard like when you actually make major changes in your eating habits and stick to it, but thinking a lot about it and putting some effort into it sometimes.   {Please do not feel a need to tell me to try Diet X, Y, or Z.  i’m pretty sure i already know about it.}

But i have been getting back into exercising.  Me and Leslie Sansone {of video workout fame} are walking together in the mornings ~ she LOVES it when i decide to walk with her.  She says so during the cool down every day.

So yesterday, when ‘Nilla offered to let me join her in the 50 Day Challenge, i was open to the idea.

“It’s easy,” she says.  “You can do it.”

What do we have to do? i ask.

Every day for 50 days, we have to do:

~ 50 sit-ups

~ 50 push-ups

~ 25 jumping jacks AND

~ A two-minute plank

After i pick myself up off the floor, where i’d been rolling with laugher, i say, “A two-minute plank???  i don’t even know what that IS, much less think i can do it.”

No worries, she assures me, you can do the modified version, and she describes the position.   In case you are as ignorant as i was, here it is:

Yoga_PlankPose_300x350But ~ jumping jacks?  i can’t do jumping jacks.  Nope, no way.  i have a knee issue.   i offered to do a blog post every day instead, but she wasn’t having that.

No, no, she says, no worries, you can do 15 minutes of cardio instead.

Fifteen minutes of cardio instead of 25 jumping jacks?  That seems like a harsh trade-off, but hey, Leslie’s already got me walking under her thumb, i guess that qualifies as a cardio workout.  Ok, i can do that.

Sit-ups are bad for your back, i hear, but ‘Nilla says i can do crunches instead of sit-ups, yes, that’s fine. And push-ups ~ when the mere idea of me doing push-ups sends me into gales of laughter ~ she assures me i can do them against the wall or off a counter.  Ok.  i guess.

That leaves me with the plank.  i bet even the modified version is not as easy as it looks.  It kind of makes my arms ache just looking at it.   So i’ve decided another substitution is in order.

Spanks instead of planks.  Yes.  Instead of assuming that position for two minutes every day, Sir will spank me for two minutes every day.

i had to check with Him before i could commit to that, and He seemed a little skeptical.  Like that would be more exercise for Him than for me.  But finally He said sure, i just need to get Him up two minutes early every day.

i can do that.

If you miss a day, you have to set aside a dollar.  i’m not sure what you do with the dollars at the end, but i’m thinking that ‘go shopping,’ or ‘go out for dinner’ is not the right answer.   i’ll have to check back with ‘Nilla on that.

April 1st.  That’s when the good times start.  If you want to play too, feel free to join the fun.  If you let me know in the comments, then we can cheer each other on.  Or hold each other up, whichever seems more appropriate.


15 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. littlekaninchen

    You start… That’s the hardest part! Go girl! ❤🐇
    TheSubmissionofElle… She’s all about the plank… And how you can fit it into play… Go check her out! Best Wishes!

  2. Fondles

    yeah um, let me know if it works. meanwhile, i’m still walking 40 mins about 3 times a week – i’m trying to make sure i do it at least 15 out of 30/31 days… erm… i don’t have many days left this month… but it’s the trying and effort that counts right?

  3. vanillamom

    bwahahahaaha! You are a nut! BTW…the plank position I learned is forearms on the floor, back parallel to the floor (shoulders directly under the elbows, palms open and spread on the floor for support when you start laughing). It’s harder than it looks. I have worked my way back to 33 seconds before I quiver enough to fall… 🙂

    You can do it! (hell if I can do it….*waggles brows at teh crowd*

    PS if you’re a good girl you won’t HAVE money to spend at the end of 50 days…hmmm? It’s only a dollar for every day skipped…(Master says I don’t have $50 to fuck around with so I damned well better be a good girl and do my work. 🙂 Ah, incentive)

    1. sin

      Ha Nilla,
      I do have $50 “to fuck around with” – for the money to be an incentive I’d have to be throwing in more than for a missed day that I think.
      I was giggling, thinking of “lowest plank” where you lie on the floor and watch the keeners do it.
      The best thing is that at some point (not on the first day, but probably around week 3) you start to feel like you have muscles in your arms. It’s nice. Keep us posted on what you do with this Sofia?

      1. sofia Post author

        Dear Sin,

        Ok, that was just a little bit mean, wasn’t it? So if you were going to play, you’d have to put aside $!0 for every day you miss!!

        i’m thinking “lowest plank” sounds just like my style. Unfortunately, doing this on my own means there’s no one else to watch… i’ll let you know how the muscles develop though. 🙂

    2. sofia Post author

      A nut? Me? Nilla! Noooo. As for your planks ~


      Plus you’re telling me this program is not my savings account? Sigh… Okaaaaay.


  4. sirqsmlb

    Oh, I’ve been talking to Sir on a regular basis now about how I can change my exercise because I NEED to loose some weight. I’m not happy with where I am and I’m sick of feeling unhappy about my physical appearance. Welllll….I’m TOTALLY in!! Sadly, I’m with Sin, I may have to put in something different than a dollar. I may have to take away spankings if I miss…or something to that effect. Or if I succeed, add spankings…..hmmmm I may be on to something. Carrot AND the stick! YEA! I’m so talking to Sir when he gets home!


    1. sofia Post author

      Hey, Fiona,

      COOL!! i’m so glad you’re in! Let us know what penalties and rewards you come up with ~ you know how i love that kind of thing. Maybe we can work it into a fantasy… hmmmmm.

      hugs back to you!

  5. Jz

    I personally am pursuing a very rigorous plan of “Thinking Yourself Thinner”
    You obsess about the size you want to be all day, and every twenty minutes, you scrunch your eyes shut very, VERY tightly and think – hard, now! – about how you’ll look when you reach that size.
    I expect this plan to show results *very* soon, because everyone knows it’s mind over matter!


    1. sofia Post author

      Omigod, i use that plan too!!! Brilliant! But i think Sin’s got a point, if you actually buy a book – or even better, an exercise video – it goes much faster. 🙂

        1. sofia Post author

          Giggling… Jz – nooo, i’m no naysayer, it’s the system i’ve been using, except i think it wasn’t scrunching my face hard enough.

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