Fuck Me Running

No, not like THAT.  Sheesh, people can be so literal-minded.  {giggle…}

The urban dictionary says “fuck me running” is an interjection and means:

To express extreme exasperation, shock, or dismay. A magnification of fuck me. Metaphoric exaggeration of being fucked while trying to run.

Yeah, exactly.

One week into the 50 Day Challenge, i weighed myself.

Ok, i admit, i haven’t actually been dieting.  But i’ve been eating less, and i’ve been more careful about what i ate, and i’m exercising every frigging day.  So i’m thinking, well, maybe i haven’t lost any weight, maybe i’ve just stayed the same.  Right?


i gained.

i gained two frigging pounds.

At this rate, by the end of 50 days, i’ll look like a bowling ball.


No, i don’t think it’s muscle.  i asked some doctor about that once, and he said unless i was lifting weights and “bulking up” it didn’t work like that.  i don’t think i’ve built two pounds of muscle.


No, i’m not giving up.  i think i’m just gonna quit eating.

No, i’m not really going to quit eating.  Sigh…  Maybe next week will be more successful.


5 thoughts on “Fuck Me Running

  1. vanillamom

    I gained a pound and a half. This morning some of it is dropping off. I’ve stopped the fast food thing, and eating better…but have been eating later at night, which isn’t the best. But I think your body goes into a mini-revolt and grabs hold of the calories screaming DON”T LEAVE MEEEEEeeeee…I didn’t lose any inches yet, either but it’s only been one week. And the exercises are getting marginally easier.

    As to your expression? Made me laugh my ass off. (Oh, what a treat that would be, to stand up and see my butt still in the chair, all ten pounds of it. LOL!)

    Fuck me running? Yeah. Or sitting or standing. But wait. I have a rule.

    A personal mantra, if you will.

    nilla never runs.





    1. Jz

      I swore off running the moment I heard about “jogger’s face”
      I may be fat but I AM remarkably wrinkle-free! ;-p

  2. sirqsmlb

    Oh that’s a hilarious saying…where on earth did you hear it?

    Ugh, with the pounds for you and my crappy-ass morning, I wih we were closer and I’d buy you a piece of cake…fuck that, I’d buy the entire fucking cake! Ya, I know-not the kind of friend you need. Sorry.


  3. faithful

    Don’t give up! Remember you MUST burn off more than you eat (Calories) in order to lose weight and it is a slow process. Just keep doing what you are doing and it will work.



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