We are starting Day 5 of the Fifty Day Challenge.  After today, we’ll be 10 percent done.  i am hanging in there.  i’ve substituted some different exercises for the planks and feel like a more virtuous person.  🙂

But going into Day 5 also means i have gotten spanked 4 days in a row.  For the most part, not hard, and certainly not for long  ~ a two minute spanking is a morsel, a small treat in my opinion.   And yet.

The four days of exercise have begun to build muscles, and that feels good.  Four days of spanking have softened me in some way.  Yeah, like pounding on meat to tenderize it?  Something like that, i suppose!

i feel more connected to Him in a submissive way.  When i sit near Him, i feel like part of me melts and i want to touch Him.  When i’m in His arms, i feel that warm, melting sensation that i think of as one of the joys of being submissive.

Not that i didn’t before, but more so now.  i really like the feeling, and wonder what it’ll be like ~ how i’ll feel ~ when we’re 50 days into the challenge.


“No,” He says.  He is holding His cock close to her face; she kneels at His feet.

“Please, Sir?” she says.

“No,” and He strokes it, bringing it close to her lips without letting it touch.

She licks her lips, tilts her head, trying to entice Him.   He smiles, and says it again, “No.”

Kneeling naked, hands behind her back, balancing is not as easy as she had expected, but she finds that spreading her knees wider is helpful.  Her nipples ache from the clamps, and every time she gets used to the feeling, He tightens them a notch.

“Tell me why you want to,” He says.  “Convince me.”

“i want to because you look so good, i love your cock, just look at Him, all hard there, and i want to taste Him, take Him in my mouth and taste Him and lick all around Him and suck him and please, can’t i, just a little taste?”

“No,” He says, still stroking Himself.  He loves to make her beg.   In a little while, He thinks, He will spank her ass until she begs for mercy.

7 thoughts on “Maintenance?

  1. vanillamom

    Your little micro-fiction /fantasies are so fucking hawt. Seriously –you capture the essence of want so adroitly. Verrry verry nommy!

    I’m going back to my pattern of doing half my stuff in the morning, half in the midday except for the plank which I finish with my wife who is just starting planking. It’s encouraging to think of being 10% through it!


    1. sofia Post author

      Thank you ma’am, i’m glad you like my little snippets of fantasies.

      i think i might try breaking my stuff up a bit ~ i’ve been doing it all in the morning pretty much… but that’s really when i have the most energy, i’m afraid if i don’t do it then, i’ll forget. Well, except for the spanking. i’m not likely to forget that!

  2. sirqsmlb

    Mercy!!! MERCY!!! Oh fabulous fantasy. I so wish I could kneel for a long time…or sit back on my heels. Sadly antique knees won’t allow it. But it’s soooo HOT to think of. And how many times will we beg for their cock to be in our mouth, to lick to suck to ….PLEASE!

    Happy 1/10th day! I’ve gotta go do crunches!!!


    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Fiona, i’m glad you liked it! i can’t kneel for too long either, so i can sure relate to that! And yeah, it is hot. 🙂

  3. Wordwytch

    This reminds me of yesterday. I was massaging Wolf’s legs, while standing between them and realized if I just “fell forward”, that would put my mouth right on his cock. sigh…


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