[M/s 365] Doing the homework

When I said yesterday that Sir Symon’s list of traits for a Dominant was for a fantasy Dominant, I didn’t mean that there weren’t good Doms out there who have those traits. My own Sir is one of those. Despite whatever struggles we may be having, He is the Dom i dreamed of when i started down this path. When I said Sir Symon’s list was our fantasy Dom, that’s what i meant – it’s the description of the Dom most of us dreamt of when we started down this path.

Being a Dom like Monkey’s David doesn’t happen overnight, and we don’t usually find them overnight either. Finding a good Dom, being a good Dom, and being a good submissive take work. i thought this article, by Master Michael, was a down-to-earth reminder of what that work is like.

Our Master/slave Journey


This post pieces together two separate incidents into one combined thought/lesson learned — if you’re going to delve into what M/s is about, you have to be prepared to do the homework and hold others to doing their homework.

In one incident, I was approached by a friend who had been in communication with a prospective partner. As a way of a bit of advice, I suggested that she ask the gentleman for scene references. Given that the ultimate goal, for her, is to have a relationship based on power dynamics.

In the other incident, a woman wrote to me asking about how to “find a Master.” She has recently discovered her kinky side (her words) and is eager to learn, but wants to find a Master. She was asking me for advice on the subject, which I gave her.

The details here aren’t important as much as the concept of skills…

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3 thoughts on “[M/s 365] Doing the homework

  1. Subkitty

    First of all let me thank you for introducing Simon’s blog. I couldn’t stop reading it. The way he writes is absolutely captivating.
    You are righ. The list of traits he posted is an ideal. But ideals ARE something to strive for. It’s not a fantasy but some sort of a guideline and it’s a forever evolving process, like submission is.

    1. sofia Post author

      You’re so right, subkitty – we do strive to live up to ideals, and that’s helpful.

      And you’re so welcome! 🙂 Thanks for commenting…

  2. Julie

    It is great to read both of the blogs you have mentioned. Most of my M/s and D/s blog reading tends to be written by submissives, something I have found useful and interesting during my own journey. Really good though to read such interesting and well written blogs by Dominants. Thanks for sharing.


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