What to Look For in a Dom/Master

I really like this post – it’s like the ultimate fantasy Master described. Worth reading.

6 thoughts on “What to Look For in a Dom/Master

  1. abby

    Thanks for the repost…I was lucky and met such a man my first time looking….a great checklist for anyone who is starting out..or starting over. hugs abby

  2. monkey

    I loved it too, and am going to repost as well. The reason i loved it so much? Not so much a fantasy. This was David. and no, I”m not exaggerating. He didn’t do it all perfectly, but he had all these qualities and characteristics.

    1. sofia Post author

      I know, Monkey, he was really extra-ordinary. He was not some young buck dom just trying to figure it out, but an old and wise man who had worked on this for years. Um, old in a good way…

      1. monkey

        lol @ the old in a good way.

        You do know that my comment was not intended as a criticism in any way didn’t you? If it made you feel that way I apologize. I get turned inward and am not always as sensitive as I should be.

        1. sofia Post author

          No, you were fine – i think i was a bit overly sensitive. I had gotten a real rush of memory of what it feels like to be all new and fresh, just starting off on this great adventure- and then I was afraid that my post sounded jaded and bitter… but that was all me. Thanks for asking though. 🙂

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