Road Trip

On the road again…

i’m heading out for work stuff in another state – good times ahead.

If i were actively engaged in a kink lifestyle, i’d be looking for dungeons and kinky friends while i’m there.  But no.  i’m not.

i do love the thrill of heading out to new places, nice hotels, different food…  good times ahead.

And if i were writing a fantasy about it, i might start:

i didn’t intend to get involved in anything.  This was simply a work venture.  i was doing some workshops and it was just by accident that the city i was headed had one of the most famous dungeons of all time.

And i was not even sure that i was going to visit it.  After all, i wasn’t looking for a Dom or anything.  i was doing just fine by myself, thank you very much.

And yet ~ somehow ~ here i am.  Standing at the front door, ready to venture in.  Wearing thigh hi stocking and stiletto heels.

O, my.

Let the adventures begin…


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