50 Shades ~ The Movie

i bet you didn’t know this blog is now about media ~ books and movies and who knows, maybe podcasts in the future!

No, it’s not really, at least i don’t think it is.  But Sir did bring home the movie 50 Shades of Gray last night, and we watched it together.  i know every one else has already seen it and is no longer the least bit interested, and that’s ok.

i was a bit disappointed that it didn’t seem more erotic to me.  There was a moment or two where i thought, o, that’s hot, and might have been a bit turned on, but mostly i didn’t feel any great chemistry between Ana and Christian.  But that might have just been me.

Throughout the movie, i just kept thinking, “But she’s not submissive!  This can’t work!!”  Really, i think she was just attracted to the luxury of his lifestyle ~ even though she acts like she’s not, i totaly think she is.  i mean, she didn’t give back the books. Or the car.  And really, how could she not be?

Or maybe she is submissive, and it’s just buried beneath all the layers of socially acceptable?  i try to imagine myself that age again, fresh out of college…  even then i knew that i wanted to give myself completely to my lover, that i wanted to belong to him.  And if anyone had given me the kind of sensual experiences that he gave her, back then?  Whew.  i think i would have submitted in a heartbeat.

i totally knew that i liked to get spanked, even that long ago, and i had just not met anyone that wanted to do it in any way other than just pounding away with their hand – nothing remotely sensual.  And i was too naive to know there were other ways to do it.

Anyhow.  By the end ~ of the movie ~ i think that maybe Christian Grey is not even actually dominant.  That if he were, he would have told her “no,” that he wouldn’t have let her goad him into “punishing” her.  But of course, it’s not fair to say he isn’t dominant because of that.  Like the rest of us, he falls into his own emotions and does foolish things.

Sir was dismayed that the movie portrayed Christian as having something wrong with him because he’s dominant ~ and of course i didn’t like that either.  My take-away on the movie, really, is that it’s a Harlequin romance gone astray.  {Which is not even a novel thought.}

But it was nice watching the movie together.  Actually, maybe we could listen to some podcasts together.  Hmmm.  That might be interesting…

Ok, i have work to do, can’t be lollygagging* around here all day.  ❤

*For the word geeks among us ~ autocorrect wanted to change lollygagging to lallygagging, but google totally recognizes lollygagging, both as a legitimate word that means “spend time aimlessly” or “dawdle” and in the urban dictionary, where it means “Procrastination in its fullest.” or  “purposely finding other things to do other than what you should be doing”   Whereas there is no such word as lallygagging.  Stupid autocorrect.

3 thoughts on “50 Shades ~ The Movie

  1. ytysreloaded

    Ive read multiple articles theorizing the movie being about our obsession with money = power. It was presented very simply in, if Christian lived in a trailer and not a multi-million dollar home, this would be a movie about domestic abuse.

    Regardless, I am happy to see you posting. A


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