A Movie?

So, i don’t go to movies.  Well, i have before, but it’s not something i often do.  Mostly, if i’m going to a movie, it’s because i’m dating somebody new and want them to think i’m the kind of person who goes to movies.  It usually backfires.  The movie will turn out to be violent or intense and i’ll half-drown in a sea of empathy, leaving my companion in no doubt that i’m kind of a freak and that they shouldn’t go to movies with me.


Yesterday, i saw this review for Magic Mike XXL, and i think i might actually want to see that movie.  Oh, ok, i want to see Inside Out too.  That’s TWO – count them, TWO – movies i think i want to see.  No – THREE – make it 3.  i want to see 50 Shades of Gray.  i know, i know, it’s not real BDSM, it’s not consensual, blah, blah, blah…  i still want to see it.  Oh, and The Secretary.  i saw a few minutes of that, but not the whole thing.

But back to Magic Mike.  You can read the whole review here, but this is part of why i was drawn to the movie;

I love Magic Mike XXL because I see myself in the faces of its women characters: those who find themselves perched in a chair, on a lounger, or in one case, on a countertop holding a massive red velvet cake, as they are charmed, wooed, and worshipped by men who derive pleasure from giving pleasure. 

Anyhow.  I just want to see the movie.  Have you all seen it?


8 thoughts on “A Movie?

  1. jadescastle

    i saw the first Magic Mike, and what i know about that movie is only that there was a ton of audience laughing. SR and i just saw, “Inside/Out,” and i was thinking about you during it, wishing i could get you to watch it. It’s a fantastic medium for discussing The Other Thing That We Do. You were smart enough, self-aware enough, to not experience empathy in the world like you do in movies. i have a hard time with that, unless i’m viewing what i’m doing as either protecting or holding space. So, don’t ever feel bad about the Movie Thing. Okay? Oh, “The Secretary” is hot and so very me.

    1. sofia Post author

      There’s more than one Magic Mike?

      Yeah, several people have suggested I watch Inside/Out, so i guess i’m gonna have to do it.

      If i experienced empathy in the world like i do in movies, i would not be able to leave the house. i have pretty much gotten over feeling bad about the movie things, and since i’m not likely to be dating anyone new anytime soon, i can feel pretty safe. It’s just hard to convince people of how bad it is until they see me melt down right there next to them in the theatre. 🙂

      Yep, gotta watch The Secretary…

      Thanks for the support!!

      1. jadescastle

        i was trying to get back to your post yesterday, actually. i wanted to apologize for having that awful moment where i immediately thought about my own weight issues. It’s super shitty to tell someone how you are feeling and have them make it about themselves. Sorry about that. i thought about it and started to delete that part, but i was thinking that, and so left it in. But then i got out of my own way (ah, empathy!) and wanted very much to just support you and express that. Something is wrong with your link, btw, its going somplace else. Much love, jade

        1. sofia Post author

          No worries, jade. We all think about our own weight way more than is actually helpful, don’t we? Which link is not working? The one here took me to the review I read, did it not take you there?

  2. abby

    Before reading the comments, i thought…see “Inside Out”….saw it with the grands, they were all enthralled…but so was I! Loved the Secretary…..
    hugs abby


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