Jz’s Questions

i’m loving these questions.  Thanks Jz!

1. Do you read blogs:

to learn?  Yes.  Not as much now as i did in the beginning, but yes.  i learned so much about what other people did and didn’t do and what was considered acceptable and how people felt about things.  It was super helpful, and really still is.

for the stories?  Absolutely.  Ain’t nothing like a ‘nilla story.  Kinky and fun or kinky and scary, it’s always a treat.  And not just ‘nilla –  Wordwytch, and many others.

to get to know other people?  That too.  i didn’t start out that way, cause i didn’t realize that would happen, but it’s been wonderful and maybe really the best part of blogging.   Meeting fellow bloggers has been a totally unexpected bonus, but has added so much to my life.

2. If you could be given one super-hero power (like X-ray vision, or the ability to become invisible) what would you choose and why?   The ability to transport myself from one place to another instantly.  That would make my life so perfect, you have no idea.  Not only would i quit wasting time driving to work and back, planning my life around traffic and travel times, but i could whisk myself off to visit my daughter and her family ANY time i wanted to.  Whoa.  i could just drop in for a few hours and be home in time for dinner.  It would be phenomenal.

3. You’ve won an all-expenses paid trip to a kink event.
Do you go?  Yes!!  Which event is it?? i’m so excited!!  {o, fantasy.  right.  i knew that…}

If yes, where do you hang out?  i will be in the – o, i don’t know, is there a workshop going on?  i want to go there.  i want to look at the vendor booths.  Am i with someone?  i am?  Then we’re going to go to one of the playrooms and – you know, play.  Flogging.  Lots of good times ahead…

Here’s some random questions for others:

1.  If time and money were no object, where would you go on vacation?  Who would go with you?  What would you do there?

2.  If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?  Why?

3.  What is one thing you’d like for your obituary to say?

4.  Tell us something about yourself that you don’t usually talk about.

2 thoughts on “Jz’s Questions

  1. vanillamom

    nice! Those are great questions from Jz…and now ones from you. Really nice. I feel like your travel answer has a story to it…(a nilla dark tale, perhaps? Hmmm)…but it really got me thinking.

    I’m glad blogging has led to so many “real” friends, too…It’s kind of neat to see how others handle the juxtaposition of being a person who has to be in charge AND who happens to be a submissive too.


  2. Jz

    ooo! I’d never considered teleportation!

    I’m going to squirrel your questions away for those days when I can use the inspiration… but keep an eye out!



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