I Think It’s Kinda Cute…

This popped up on my Facebook feed and just made me laugh…

11008050_865468126849322_2933968951714539810_nIf i were a Domme ~ which i’m not ~ but if i were, i think i’d want my submissive wearing one of these around the house.  What do you think???


9 thoughts on “I Think It’s Kinda Cute…

  1. Jz

    Whoops! I just sent you an email addressing this very thing — I really must stop commenting before I’ve finished my coffee.
    No, not you.
    The people who have time to design silly neon clothing…

    *goes off to bang head against wall*

    1. sofia Post author

      O, stop – i knew you meant that – was totally teasing you – now i’m the one who needs to go head bang! {No, not really.} ❤


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