Out of Touch

I am still around, like a donut.  🙂  Working on – i don’t know what actually.  Well, at the moment, i’m visiting my daughter and her family with Sir and waiting for my new grandchild.  Before that i was working all the time.  Working so “all the time” that i can’t complain about any lack of kink in my life.  i’ve had no time and not much interest myself.

i have not even had time to keep up with blogs.  Not with other people’s blog, which is so strange for me. i miss it, and miss you all, and now my internet access is limited and there are people around most of the time.  i snuck away a little while ago – they were all napping and i only feel sleepy when i’m not lying down.  Hence this post.

Anyhow.  i am not complaining, not at all.  It is just how it is now.

i think i am working on finding my own space — i write that and i don’t even know exactly what i mean.  Maybe there are other words that would describe it.  i don’t know what they are.

In the meantime – Hi.  Just wanted y’all to know i’m still around.


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