So i had this really neat idea recently about a way to pull together information on cool things people are doing in the community.  Things they’re excited about.  It might be designed mostly for other folks interested in mental health stuff.  Or maybe for social justice activists.  Or maybe both.

Wouldn’t that be neat?  A place you could just pop in and say, “O, hey, i just started doing this new kind of therapy, and here’s what i like about it.  Is anyone else out there already doing this?”  Or “i went to this great workshop on conflict resolution and wanted to share what I learned there.”   Or ~ well, you get the idea.  Or you could just pop by and see what interesting things people are doing.

I really want to do it. i don’t think it’s a Facebook thing, it might be Pinterest or some kind of website though.  I don’t know.  But every time i start to think seriously about researching the best way to do it, i have to remind myself ~~

i have THREE PROJECTS i need to be working on RIGHT NOW.


i have a whole list of other things half-completed, on the back burner.

Seriously.  Three projects, not counting the usual stuff i do.  And a list of things i should have already finished.

So, given an unexpected free hour today, what do i do?  Work on one of the projects?  Go ahead and research the community page idea?  Try to organize my back burner lists so i can at least see what-all is there?

No.  None of those things.

i come here and write this blog post ABOUT it all.  Sitting here in a coffee shop, almost laughing out loud.  Ridiculous.

Isn’t somebody in charge of me?  Giggling….smh.


12 thoughts on “Ridiculous!

  1. overhis2knees

    Giggling today too and scattered as you, thanks to a generous and lustful Master. Awaiting further commands from Him and reading here and love your idea. Is there a private way on WP exchange emails and contact info?

      1. overhis2knees

        Thanks for your email, sofia! Another blogger and I would like to speak more, too, and I’m new enough to WP and neither of us know how to do that yet without totally sacrificing our privacy.

        1. sofia Post author

          Oh, cool, Over his knees – so do you not have a separate email? That’s really helpful. Many years ago now, someone else set up my first blog for me and he gave me a different email address. Hope you and the other blogger can connect soon!

  2. jadescastle

    Ha! Love you, procrastinator! Really, though, this wasn’t wasted time since it helped you solidify some of your ideas. i think you think “globally” and have to scale it down sometimes. Writing seems to be a way you do that. Hugs to you!

    1. sofia Post author

      Hey, Jade,

      Yes, no doubt, lol, i am in the top class of procrastinators. And you’re right about the writing too, it often does help me clear my path and see where I need to go. Thanks for the hugs… they are greatly appreciated – and returned!


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