The Meeting – Part II

Before Sylvia can respond – and what would she have even said? – Daniel opens one of the menus in front of them, quite casually, as if he had not just informed her that at some point in their time together, he was going to tell her to touch her nipples.   “What do you prefer generally – chicken or vegetarian meals?”

Sylvia manages to bring her attention back to food.  “Um, I eat chicken, I like chicken ok, but I probably eat more vegetarian than anything else.”  She’s surprised that he’s asking her opinion.  “I thought you were going to just order for me.”

He smiles, “I am.  But it’s ok for you to have opinions and preferences, and of course I want to know what they are.  That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll do what you would prefer, but I like to know when I’m going to choose something that will be uncomfortable for you.”

Sylvia feels a bit dazed – his words stir something in her that she has not known before.  When he says that he wants to know her opinions and preferences, it touches her deeply.   The intensity of his interest is new and arousing.  She is even more surprised to discover that the idea of him wanting her to do something that would be uncomfortable for her is even more arousing, and she shivers.  What has she gotten herself into here?

“Do you like spicy food?”

“Oh.  No, not really.  I mean, spicy’s ok, but not hot-spicy.”

He nods slightly, than says, “I think I may not have been clear earlier.  When you answer a question, or address me, you’re to call me ‘Sir.’  Do you understand?”

“Oh!”  Sylvia is embarrassed, of course he told her that and she totally forgot.  He must think she’s an idiot.  “Yes, I’m sorry, of course I understand — Sir!  Yes, Sir.”

He grins.  “Maybe you need to practice a bit.  Let’s try this.  Repeat after me:  “Yes, Sir, I will remember to call you Sir.”

Sylvia repeats it, stumbling just a bit, it does seem odd to call him Sir.  But she gets through it ok.

Then, “Now add this,” he says, “I call you Sir as a sign of respect and to indicate my submissive nature.”

She feels a wave of excitement, and shudders.  Her pussy throbs, and she’s shocked to realize that she’s scared and turned on, maybe more turned on than she’s ever been.  Scared at how much this arouses her.  And he has not even touched her.  An image of him telling her to touch her nipples flashes through her mind and she bites her lip.  Will she obey him when he says that?

He tilts his head, watching her closely.  “Say it,” he says.  “I call you Sir as a sign of respect and to indicate my submissive nature.”

Haltingly, she repeats his words – “I call you Sir — as a sign of respect —” that part’s easy, it’s the end that’s tough, but he gives her an encouraging nod, and she manages, “and to indicate – my – submissive nature.”  As she finishes the last words, her heart is beating wildly, but she feels greatly relieved.

“Good girl,” he says, and a sense of soaring elation – her heart filling with pleasure at those words – almost overwhelms her.  She blurts out, “I really am, aren’t I?  Sir.  I really am – you know, I really am – submissive.  Sir.”

“Oh, yes,” he says.   “I think you really are.  I’m certainly enjoying playing with you.  Now, I want to hear the whole thing again, before I order lunch.  From the top – do you remember?”

Her eyes wide she shakes her head, no, she doesn’t – how did it start?

“That’s ok,” he says, “If I were actually training you, I’d expect you to remember, but not yet  Pay attention now.  Repeat after me:  “Yes, Sir, I will remember to call you Sir.  I call you Sir as a sign of respect and to indicate my submissive nature.”

Still haltingly, she repeats it.  He nods, “Again, please.”

It is easier this time, and when she says, “my submissive nature,” she can feel it in her body, a softening.  He must sense it too, because he says, “Again, but open your legs just a bit wider this time.”

Her pussy clenches.  Her body feels heated, and she obeys him slowly and deliberately, watching him as she spreads her legs a bit wider.  He nods.  “Now say it again.”

This time, she says it slowly, deliberately, looking directly at him.  This time she says it with a hint of promise, a tinge of seduction.

His eyes are warm and kind and intense.  She feels like she’s melting into his gaze.  As she says the last words, “… my submissive nature,” she bites her lower lip.  Right now, she thinks, right now, I would do anything he tells me to do.

It scares the crap out of her.

But he only smiles.  And picks up the menu.  “Salad for you, I think.  They have a salad with warm vegetables that I think you’ll enjoy.”




8 thoughts on “The Meeting – Part II

  1. vanillamom


    “it scared the crap out of her”

    YES! yes it did…it does…when the sane brain shuts off, shuts down, is shunted aside, and the pure animal cravings start to rise. That first time–it’s so intense, so stirring, so frightening, so wonderful.

    You’ve done such an *amazing* job capturing this feeling!

    (nilla ponders begging….)

    More? please?

  2. overhis2knees

    Just as a meditation I offer to Master sounded uncomfortable and a little stilted when I first began, it softened me quickly, within days. Now, accepting my submission, it emanates from deep within my soul, centering my devotion to Him and leaving me wet and edgy to start each day.


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