Christmas – the Readers Digest Version

This year, i have been crazy busy since i got back from visiting my daughter.  Crazy Busy.  i am so far behind on Xmas stuff, you can’t even imagine.  The tree is up, so that’s good, and i got a start on cookies, but just barely.

Most of my shopping this year has been done on-line, so that’s good.  But yesterday, in-between work appointments, i did a marathon shopping excursion for those things that you just can’t be done on-line.

Today i’m going to finish baking, wrap presents, and prep food for tomorrow.

Then it will be Christmas {!!}  and i’ll celebrate all day long!

i was feeling kinda like i’d missed the Xmas fun – all the prep leading up to it – and then i realized, no, i’m doing it all, it’s just packed into very little time.  That’s ok.  Condensed – the Reader’s Digest version!!

If i don’t get back here before Xmas, hope you have a wonderful day!!


2 thoughts on “Christmas – the Readers Digest Version

  1. Jz

    I had to delay the start of my holiday celebrations, too. So I am also scrambling about at the last minute, but I decided not to force it. If something seemed too much for this year, well, it could always be set aside for now and brought back into the fold next year. Well, trees and presents and cookies are still givens… but you can adapt within each of those, as well, right? No garland or tinsel, gift bags rather than boxes and wrap, fewer cookies…

    It’s all in how we see what we’re doing — and I love your way of looking at it!

    Merry Christmas, my friend.

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Jz – I read this a couple of days ago and just smiled to know that we were on this path together. You’re so right about being able to pare it down to the essentials – although I did manage to get some tinsel on at the last moment. But it’s no less special for all that – in fact, it would be nice if i could do the essentials spread out over longer time… hmmmm, maybe next year.

      Anyhow, mine was wonderful, and i hope yours was too!! ❤



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