But Sir…



“No, that chair is not for you.  On the floor.  Here.  At my feet.”

“But Sir ~~”

“Ass up, then.  Now.”

“But ~~”

“Yes, butt up, if you prefer.  That’s six you’ve earned.  Do you want more?

“No, Sir!  No.  Sir.”

i hear the belt, the whoosh as he pulls it free.  i am braced, head down, hands locked behind my neck, naked ass in the air.

The belt strokes the inside of my thighs.  “Open,” he says.

i shift my weight, spreading my legs more widely.

The door bell rings  He laughs.  “Don’t move.  Our first guest has arrived.”

“But Sir!”

He laughs, his voice fading as he moves down the hall, toward the door.  “That’s nine.  Nine hard ones.”


7 thoughts on “But Sir…

  1. vanillamom

    Love those short vignettes…they get one all primed and *bam*…there’s that ending (far to soon, but perfectly titillating!)


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