Lady Elsa Questions ~ Level Three

At last, i’m coming back to answer more of Lady Elsa’s questions.

Level 3: Other Relationships. Who decides in what ways each of you will be allowed to interact with other people, as friends, sex partners, lovers, or family? Note that it may be different for each of those types of relationships.

1.  {IRL} – We have agreed to be monogamous, so neither of us have other lovers.  Other than that, we both interact with whomever we want to, however we want to.

We have a shared calendar that i put my schedule on ~ not client names, of course, but other things.  i don’t think he pays much attention to it, but He can if He wants to.  He doesn’t put any of his activities on the calendar, but He’ll let me know if He’s going to play pool with His friends or whatever.   i guess i’m in charge of our social life ~ i’m almost always the one asking if He wants to go to this potluck or that meeting ~ but He decides if He’s going or not, of course.

2.  {IMD}  i’m fine with the way things are.  i think Fury’s idea of setting aside time to touch base on our relationship is a great idea, and i’ll suggest it.


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