Love Our Lurkers

It’s that time of year again ~ and this may be the first year that i’m not playing “Belated Love our Lurkers.”  Look ~ i even have the logo for it!


Love our Lurkers s an annual event ~ that time when we invite the people who read our blog but don’t comment to come out in the open and say hi.

i was once a lurker myself.  Not for long, because you know, i pretty much always have something to say.  But i was super nervous and hesitant about commenting.  Actually, sometimes i still am!

But the kinky blogosphere is a warm and friendly place ~ at least i think we are ~ and there is something magical about connecting with people who think and feel the same way you do about things that you may not share with the mundane people in your life.  For some of us, other people’s blogs were the gateway into the whole world of BDSM, our first taste of Dominance and submission.

So i’m inviting you to come out of the shadows and comment if you’re new to my blog~ or even if you’re not new.  i love comments, and some of the connections i’ve made here are as strong and important as the ones with people i see often.   Come join the party..

34 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers

    1. sofia Post author

      Thank you, Hermoine!! i appreciate you pulling this together for us ~ and am actually a lurker on your blog… Guess i should run over there and comment.

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, Ronnie ~ i don’t think you have either! It’s an honor to see you here! i lurk on your blog ~ i guess i need to run over there and comment! Thanks so much for dropping in.

  1. vanillamom

    Thanks for reminding me so I could also post. I remember being a lurker too, and how terrifying it was to “come out and say boo”…to the world. I’m not a lurker often these days (well sometimes) but I’m so glad there’s a blogday when we can give a shoutout to all our loyal readers!

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, Kelly! {waving…} Thanks for “coming out” today ~ it’s nice to meet you! i’m so glad you like the blog, hope to see you here again.

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, Chelsea and Clint! It’s so nice to meet you – thanks for reading!! I’ll have to go check out your blog too… Hope to see you back here too!

  2. sweetsilverkitten

    Hi Sofia! I don’t remember if I have ever commented your posts but I am always reading and liking them. So I would still call myself a bit of a lurker. Anyway, I just thought that I would drop by to say hello.

    1. sofia Post author

      Sweet silver kitten ~ what a great name! i think i’d remember if you’d commented before! Thanks so much for coming out to say hi. i’m so glad you like my posts ~ hope to see ya again soon!


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