Unexpected Treats…

i went looking for quotes today ~ don’t ask me why i do that, i just do.  i found a couple that gave me the shiver of pleasure and a rush of warmth ~ these two do it for me.  i think i might even have used the first one before?  But hey, it’s my blog, i can do repeats.

“I’ve been taking it easy on you, kid, can tell you’re having fun. But it’s all sensation to you so far. I haven’t pushed you, taken you out of yourself, looked for that place inside where you give yourself to your top. Sometimes pleasure can take a bottom there, but more often it’s pain that does.”
Anne Thomas, Just Friends

Here’s another one, a bit more simple, that gives me the same rush.

“It was good for her though, to submit to things that weren’t for her pleasure, but his.”
Annabel Joseph, Cirque de Minuit

i was thinking that just when i believe i can be resigned to a vanilla rest-of-my-life, that there are other outlets than submission, then i read something like that and it makes me shake my head.  The longing is so intense.

i have the same feeling when i read Kia’s story “Chosen.”  i can feel her character’s longing, and the resignation to not being picked and then ~ o!!  Such deep joy…

Anyhow.  As i was searching quotes, i came across this:

“Her intensity often surprises and mystifies the people within the Warrior Princess Submissive’s circle of associates. They will occasionally forget how deeply she feels and believes in her causes and, as a result, suddenly find themselves being pummeled in a debate that they hadn’t expected, nor wanted.”
Michael Makai, The Warrior Princess Submissive

and i thought “What??”  The Warrior Princess Submissive?

So i googled.  And guess what.  It’s a book.  A brand new book.  The description says:

Ever get the feeling, when you read about all the “classic” categories of submissive, that there must be one missing? You know which one we’re talking about. The missing submissive is the one that is the wicked-smart, strong-willed, uber-competent, ultra-competitive, synergistic, switchy, crusader. She’s no one’s doormat, never a victim. She is a kick-ass submissive for the 21st century. Think: Xena, the Warrior Princess, kneeling at the feet of Hercules.

This definitely isn’t a woman in a precarious predicament waiting helplessly for her White Knight to arrive and slay a dragon for her. This was a woman who, as she is kicking the dragon’s ass, smiles at the White Knight standing on the sidelines and says, “Hey, buddy! Feel free to jump right in and lend your sword to this fight. Otherwise, stay the hell out of my way!” The Warrior Princess doesn’t need or want a rescuer. The Warrior Princess needs an ally that she can rely upon in the chaos of battle. She seeks a warrior equal to the tasks that she has already chosen for herself, and is demonstrably capable of accomplishing with, or without, his help. She is willing and able to fight the good fight alone, but welcomes the notion of having a worthy partner, fighting by her side. And yet, when the day’s fighting is done, she is perfectly at ease with considering herself entirely His – heart, might, mind, body, and soul.

Why is she important? She is important because she just may be the hope and salvation of this lifestyle. There will come a day, in the not too distant future, when the Warrior Princess Submissive will be forced to become a combatant in a highly politicized war on the BDSM lifestyle. It will be a propaganda war that characterizes all Dominants as abusers and all submissives as victims of abusive and exploitative relationships. When she comes out of the shadows and chooses to fight for this lifestyle instead of against it – as many of her contemporaries will expect her to do – her strong moral compass will reassure those on the sidelines that she is doing what is right and just.

Michael Makai is the author of the Amazon best-seller, Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook.

Apparently, he’s been doing workshops on this for awhile.  And while i’m not so crazy about the idea of being the standard bearer for the BDSM lifestyle, it sure feels like this description fits me in many ways.  So i’ll be reading the book.  Stay tuned for reviews.

And ~ please, if you live in the US,



16 thoughts on “Unexpected Treats…

  1. Sunshine Kukulcan


    Thank you for the link to both Goodreads and Michael! i have been kicking about an idea for a BDSM related book, so this may be the place to hone that idea. Many thanks for a wonderful blog that i look forward to reading each time you post.

    1. sofia Post author

      Thank you! I’m glad it was helpful for you – and i really appreciate the kind words about my blog. i’ve been a posting machine lately, so i’m super glad you like it.

  2. NsK

    It’s weird, isn’t it? The power of words, the strength of a picture, to bring on such intense feelings. I have been at that place many times the last year. Almost accepting “vanilla” as my reality and then something popping up randomly that reminded me how deep seeded my needs and desires truly run.

    1. sofia Post author

      Yes, it amazes me how little it takes. Thank you for reading, and for commenting. Do you have a blog? When I go to your profile it looks like you do, but there’s no link, or not one i can find. i’d be interested in checking it out if you do. i wonder sometimes how many of us there are, living vanilla lives, and longing…

      1. NsK

        I do I have a blog. I have been very inactive on it. I’ve written very little actual posts on it since I started it. Most of from the last 12 months is just music videos…. but I did write at the beginning. I had some high hopes when I first started my blog, but I lost hope for a very long time. There may be winds of change happening now, so I came back and started reading blogs I follow here again. I even wrote in it the other day again for the first time in a long time. http://enkay0812blog.wordpress.com/ is the address to my blog. “Life’s Journey: Musings of me.”

  3. Master Michael S

    I went back and forth with Michael Mikai about WPS and it was this that made me decide this wasn’t a book I would want to read: “She is important because she just may be the hope and salvation of this lifestyle. There will come a day, in the not too distant future, when the Warrior Princess Submissive will be forced to become a combatant in a highly politicized war on the BDSM lifestyle. ”

    Not that I disagree with strength and power in self-discovery, self fulfillment, but the idea that a “kink-apocalypse” is in the near future and we will only be saved by only one segment of the kink community… and that idea being central to his book (I’m getting that from the reviews I’ve read on Amazon), well, that one is a little hard to swallow. We all sink or swim together. The LGBT rights battle proves that out.

    Still, for marketing purposes, I’ll give him props on hyperbole.

    And yes, I voted. 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Thank you for sharing your perspective on the book, Master Michael. You make an excellent point. I think i just assumed it was hyperbole, and not intended to be taken at face value, but you’re absolutely right. I saw another quote somewhere in my wanderings today that referenced “today’s climate of political correctness” and that made me raise my eyebrows. So we’ll see – this may not be nearly as exciting as it seems at the moment

      Thank you again for sharing your thoughts here!

  4. TC

    So, I posted e following on the wrong darn post of yours…excited I guess and didn’t pay attention…

    Wow! I bought the book (WPS) tonight and can’t put it down. I have never even read your blog, came here from another I read. But the excerpt intrigued me. And I am so excited to see things that make me feel like I fit somewhere! Thanks for posting what may be the best read I have stayed up all night for in decades!

    1. sofia Post author

      O, cool – it’s funny how we find the things we need when we need them. It’s a very readable, fun book for sure. Thanks for commenting! (I took your comment off the other post.) hope to see you around!

  5. TC

    Oh, and I should say, I don’t see the whole WPS savior of the lifestyle thing as being in my future or even being a likely scenario for the world. I do however ID with the idea that one can be so Dominant in daily life, be passionate and outspoken and be a crusader and give off an aura of being totally take charge and even have a deep need to fight for social justice but then kneel at the feet of ones Master/HoH/Dom. That has always been me, I am literally a Soldier but not at home, well sometimes at home but His boots are bigger… I like the book so far, well worth $6.95… 🙂 I am no lifestyle expert, just a girl who wears combat boots by day and an apron at night. 😉

    1. sofia Post author

      Yeah, I don’t agree with everything he says either, but that’s ok. I do think he’s probably describing a bunch of us – I’m not real far into it yet, but it feels like it fits me. Lots to think about. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here!

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