Can’t resist reblogging this story from Kia at Acknowledging Imperfection. It speaks so clearly to a submissive heart. I hope youall enjoy it as much as I did.

Acknowledging Imperfection

Fiona had been a the Home longer than most other girls- probably longer than all of the other girls, though she made an effort not to keep track. She had Awoken unusually early, barely past her teens. Her journey into submission had been swift and hard and wonderful, and by the time she was twenty-three, there was no going back.  She had discovered what she believed was the perfect life- the perfect life with John.


But then John was no more- seized from her in the violence of the crash that had left her adrift and alone until the people from the Home had found her and brought her in.


She had been hopeful at first, like all of the other newly-alone submissive girls she had seen come and go over the years. And grateful- grateful to these people who cared for her, who provided the structure she…

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