Funny and True

i got some lab work results back recently – lots of good news, and borderline high cholesterol.  So i decide i’m going to work on managing that with diet and exercise, right?

i’ve been doing a low carb diet, and trying to eat non-processed foods already.  i’ll just add low cholesterol to the list, it’ll be fine.

Then i have this god-awful bout of indigestion.  Heartburn.  i can’t eat any damn thing without being miserable.  

So i find myself wandering aimlessly from aisle to aisle in the grocery.  “Low risk for heartburn” is first on my list of criteria at this point, which eliminates just about everything except oatmeal and rice.  High carb.  Oh, pasta.  i can eat pasta.  Also high carb.  And very processed.  No tomato sauce – butter, maybe?   High carb, high cholesterol.  

See the problem?

It’s so ridiculous, i have to laugh.  

But i found some OTC medication, and have been eating very carefully, very slowly, and very little for days now.  i have cut back on coffee and eaten only a bite of chocolate.  i sip on ginger tea during and after each meal.  

Pay off?   No heartburn for 24 hours, and i might have lost a couple ounces.  

Started taking pomegranate extract for the cholesterol, and discovered it might lower my blood pressure too.  Feeling pretty healthy all of a sudden.    Still think a trip to the grocery is likely to be a clear case of rock – hard place – hard place – rock.

Would anyone still read this if it becomes a healthy living journal?

Mwhahahahaha – just kidding…


8 thoughts on “Funny and True

  1. Jz

    A friend of mine weaned himself completely off of his acid reflux medication by simply training himself to chew each bite 100 times, just like Grandma told you! Mind you, that’s far too tedious for me (he’s kinda compulsive) but going slow and chewing well really does help enormously.

    It’s all part of life… 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Jz, that’s helpful to know! It is just part of life… and it’s certainly made me think more about what i put in my mouth!!


  2. Soume Stalked (Fury)

    I was taking this medication for about 6 months and it started by making me nauseous and got worse and worse. Remember when I said I was getting rid of coffee? That was why. But eventually I couldn’t eat anything, and was trying to sleep elevated, which also helps. And finally I went back to the doctor and complained and she changed my meds and gave me some stuff for the acid reflux and I was soooooo grateful. So… think about going back to your doctor.

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Fury, nice to know i’m not the only sufferer… and that sounds like good advice. i’m still hoping that my OTC meds will do the trick, but we’ll see…


  3. rougedmount

    11/2C of oatmeal every morning…with a banana and 10 walnuts
    a handful of almonds as a morning snack
    spinach with olive oil and garlic…and sardines or halibut or haddock ..made into a soup or a noodle base or many options
    losing just 10 lbs will cut the numbers drastically as well.

  4. vanillamom

    I’ve been taking meds for GERD for a long, long time. Even eating carefully didn’t help. If I eat badly (like lots of chips/fried things) I still get heartburn/reflux, so taking the meds is not a “free pass” to eating badly. Have you tried whole grain pasta? Brown rice/wild rice is another “good for you carb” as well as oatmeal (I prefer “old fashioned”). I like a few craisins in there (dried, lightly sweetened cranberries), a wee bit of brown sugar, and a banana on mine. I have it for supper most days during the week–it’s super filling and good for you (and your reflux).


    1. sofia Post author

      Well, at this point I’m 48 hours heartburn free, we’ll see what happens. I had some “real” food yesterday – salad, but still. That counts, right? These OTC meds I’m taking are a 14 day course of treatment, so I figured i’d do that and see what happens. I need to be way more careful with what/how much I eat anyhow. So this has been a good thing in a way.



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