Repossessed – Part 11

i am still savoring these odd feelings when Master says, “So i think we’ll just play with her a bit tonight.  See how quickly she catches on to obedience training, and whether she has a talent for giving pleasure.”

“Here,” he says, placing his hands at my waist, “I’m going to lift you up on a platform.”  And he does, lifts me straight up off the ground and sets me on some kind of platform.  It’s padded and covered in some soft material, not uncomfortable.  He swings my legs up too, and “You have plenty of room,’ he says, “as long as you follow directions.  Now, Sit.”  i am tentative at first, trying to get my legs under me in the right position, and it’s not easy with my hands tied behind my back, but then i feel hands securing me on the other side and i realize that i am really quite safe, at least they won’t let me fall off this platform.

i manage to get in position and there are hands stroking me, even as Master says, “Good slave,” i feel hands on my back, caressing down to my ass.  “Open,” someone says, and i spread my knees wider, open my mouth a bit.

“Good slave,” then a finger, two fingers in my mouth, probing me, and i burn with pleasure, sucking lightly, teasing with my tongue.

“Sit pretty,”says Master, he presses the small of my back so i sit straighter, pats my tummy so i suck in a bit.  “Yes,” he says, stroking a breast, “Good slave, very pretty.  Now ~ Down.”  i am distracted and it takes me a second or two to realize what that means, and then i hesitate, i don’t want to do that, i really don’t ~ and then i know i have to, but it’s too late ~~

a hand on the back of my neck presses me forward and down, hands raise my ass, someone holds my ankles and i hear a “whsssssh” as something sizzles through the air, strikes a stinging pain across my ass and i cry out… trembling, ass raised high in the air, still burning where the crop or switch or whip had landed.  Head pressed to the ground.

Master’s voice, firm, “Too slow,” he says, his hand strokes my hair, “that’s ok, you’ll learn.  Now ~ Stay.”  i am mentally bracing myself for more pain, but this time there are hands caressing, touching my breasts, teasing my nipples, hands between my legs, rubbing my clit, fingers inside me pressing deep, right there ~ that spot ~ that one ~ o, o, o ~ and i know i’m going to cum and Master’s voice, close to my ear, says, “Cum, cum now slave,” and i do ~ o, i cum like a house on fire, cum like i’m never going to stop, moaning with pleasure as i go over the top ~~~ and come trembling back down again…  still in position.

“Good slave,” he says.  “Now, rest.  Stay just as you are, yes, ass up just like that.  We won’t fuck you tonight, but i want you to offer yourself.”  His words stir something inside me, but i don’t have words to explain it, not even now, and certainly not then.  i want to offer myself too, and i might want them to fuck me, but am somehow grateful to know they won’t.  “We might let you use your mouth,” he adds, “But only if you ask, and maybe not even then.  We’ll see.”

And of course when he says that, i do want to, i want to suck his cock in the same way that i’ve sucked ~ his fingers? were they his fingers?  But like that, i want to do that to his cock.

“Rest,” he says.  He unfastens the clip holding my wrist cuffs, keeping my arms pinned behind my back.  He reattaches them to the platform ~ i am still quite secure, but more comfortable.  “Stay.”  Someone puts a cover over my shoulders, it doesn’t cover my ass at all, but feels good.

People are still nearby, i can hear them drinking, even talking, but they seem very far away.

“Hear, lift your head,” i think it is Nelda’s voice, Nelda’s hands that help me raise up enough to sip some water through a straw.  She puts my head back in position when she’s done.

Time passes, i may have dozed.  i don’t know how i can do that, here and now, but i am pulled back when i hear Master say, “No.  No butt plugs tonight.  It’s just too soon.”

i feel hands on me again, and that rouses me.  Awakens me and stirs me into heat again.  “Here,” someone raises my torso, places something ~ some kind of round bolster ~ beneath me.  My ass is still higher than my torso, but not as much.

Hands are stroking me, it’s soothing, and sensual, and i’m relaxing into it, i can’t help it… it feels so good.  So i am shocked to hear a voice say ~~

“Stop.  Stop now.  I have a cease and desist order.  This stops immediately.”

10 thoughts on “Repossessed – Part 11

    1. sofia Post author

      i know ~ i hear you, monkey! i didn’t’ quite know that was going to happen like that either! But no worries, the rest of it is already done.

  1. michelle

    Oh no! Who is yelling stop?!? The man who was arguing with her Master a couple of chapters? Or someone from her past? Iwanna know ! Boo to waiting.
    Excelkent writing, sofia. I’m enjoying it immensely.


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