Repossessed – Part 10

i awaken to the sound of a bell ~ like you might hear in a Buddhist temple.  As i open my eyes, i see Joy standing beside the cage.

“Hey,” she says.  “Time to wake up.  Stretch a little bit, drink some water.  Do you need to pee?”

i nod, a bit dismayed.  “Come on then, ” she says, opening the cage door.  “Whenever you’re ready.  We’ve got a few minutes, but they’ve decided to play with you now rather than later.  We don’t want to keep them waiting.  Are you hungry?”

i am, but i am afraid that she will feed me herself, or make me eat off a bowl on the floor, so i shake my head no.

When i am ready, she cleans me up a bit in the bathroom.  She leaves the mittens and socks on my feet, and she attaches a new set of cuffs to my wrists and ankles.  These are made of soft rope and feel almost silky.  The collar she puts on me is made of the same rope, tied in beautiful knots that are quite decorative around my neck.

She leads me to the mirrors and says, “Look.  See how lovely you are?  When you come back, when they have finished with you tonight, you will be even more lovely.  You will have begun to learn how to serve, and that makes a slave more beautiful.”

i am surprised how much her words touch me ~ i feel my heart softening, as if i am opening to her, and i don’t object when she strokes my ass, turning me so i can see the marks that are still there.  She strokes my nipples too, with an open palm, until they are quite hard and i’m barely able to hold back my whimpers.   In fact, she doesn’t stop until my breathing has become quite ragged and a moan escapes me.

i have not seen myself with my pussy shaved until now, and i am fascinated and embarrassed.  She runs her palm over the skin, which makes me shudder with pleasure.  She laughs, “I bet you’re already wet too, but no time for that now, come on, Heel.”

She is so right, and i worry a bit that the wetness between my legs will drip down my thighs, but there is no way to prevent it, and Joy is moving too quickly for me to worry about it.  The socks i’m wearing are a bit slick and i have to pick my feet up and put them down carefully to keep from sliding, so that takes my attention off the heat of my pussy and my desire for release.

Part way down the hall, she stops, and i do too.  “Stay,” she says, moving behind me quickly, attaching the cuffs on my wrists together behind me.  This pulls my shoulders back, thrusts my breasts forward.  Then she pulls a piece of cloth out of her pocket and puts it over my head, tugging it down so my eyes are covered.  The mask, for that’s what it is, shuts out all of the light, but allows me to breathe easily, and leaves my mouth accessible.

“Stay,” she says again, and i can hear her moving away from me.  i’m shocked to hear myself giggle ~ but really, i think, stay?  When i’m blindfolded, hands bound and no way to free myself, and slippery frigging socks on my feet so i’d probably fall smack on my face if i tried to move?  That’s funny.  Almost funny anyhow.

i don’t know how long i stand there.  It seems like forever, but maybe not more than a few minutes.

i sense his presence before he touches me, maybe i hear his footsteps.  But i know he is there, Master, beside me, and then i can feel his breath on my neck, and quickly, his hands, grasping my braid.

“Stay,” he says, and his voice is low and warm, i was not moving before, and now i’m completely immobile.  i have probably quit breathing.

His hands are firm on my shoulders.   “You’ll be on a short leash,” he says, “beside me more than behind me.  I know we haven’t practiced this yet, it’s ok  Just stay with me, we don’t have far to go.”

He attaches the leash to my collar, but he’s holding it almost at the collar, and it’s easier than i’d expected to stay with him, even without being able to see.

We turn, walk, turn again and i have no idea where i am, but i think i can hear other people breathing.  He lets go of the leash and it dangles down between my breast, falling right to the top of my pussy.

“This is slave girl 248,” he says, obviously talking to whoever else is in the room.  “She’s essentially untrained, other than a few simple commands we’ve taught her today.  Let’s see how well she does with those,” then, “slave, Open,” he says.

i am reeling at the idea of being slave girl 248 ~ is that how many slaves there are?  How many he’s had?  Does he still have them in cages somewhere?” but the way he says “slave,” gets my attention, and when he says “open,” it registers and i part my lips, licking them a little, and open my legs.

i can feel movement around me, hear people close, and then hands on my breasts, another hand slides between my legs, “very wet,” says a man’s voice, withdrawing the fingers that had made me gasp with surprise and whimper with longing.

“Yes,” says Master, “She has only been allowed to cum once, and she is a complete slut, constantly aroused.”  i flush with embarrassment and wish i could disappear, but ~

“Oh, that’s good,” says another voice, and “that makes it so much better,” says still another.

“She doesn’t know her nature at all either,” says Master, “she’s completely ignorant of how much she needs to serve to feel fulfilled and satisfied and she doesn’t seem to have a clue that she is also meant for pleasure.”

i am standing there, quite naked, in front of i-don’t-even-know-how-many- strangers, and his words fill me with wonder.  Instead of shame, i am curious ~ i want to understand ~ and i feel, maybe, just a hint of pride.

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