i’m a slug

i’m a slug today ~ didn’t feel well yesterday, and didn’t feel any better today.  Nothing dreadfully wrong with me, a little bit sick at my stomach, body aches, just feeling yukky.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, i was married to someone who wasn’t actually dominant, but anyhow, that’s a different story.  He was real in touch with physical aspects of the universe.  When my knee was bothering me, he could fix it, which i thought was pretty magical.  It would stay “fixed” for a long time too.

Anyhow.   When i would feel like this, which i do maybe once a year ~ twice in a tough year ~ he had this thing he’d do.  He’d say, “Come here, I’m going to give you a massage.”  i’d lie down across the bed, and he’d start out gentle but firm, and pretty soon, he’d be pounding on me.  I’d start complaining ~ and laughing ~ “No!  i didn’t want a mean massage!!  Not the mean massage!!”

It didn’t hurt but it wasn’t the sensual massage i’d thought i was getting.  It was effective though.  It was like it woke my body up and instead of feeling lethargic and half-sick, i’d be energized and ready to start functioning again.

Yeah.  So i was just thinking about that, and trying to figure out how to give myself a mean massage…


5 thoughts on “i’m a slug

  1. monkey

    We are even on the same sicko schedule. I was home from work Monday, for the same reasons. I get horrible body aches with it. If you figure out how to give yourself a mean massage I could use the knowledge.

    I hope you feel all better really soon.

    1. sofia Post author

      Well, i’m glad i’m in good company, but sorry you’re stuck there with me! i might try my foot massager tonight when i get home – i have this really kick-ass one that might vibrate some of this crap out of me. i’ll let you know if it works.

      But you know, what’s really going on with me is that i’m not using even a tenth of the way that i know of to take care of myself. Yeah, not even one out of ten. Fuck, no wonder i’m a mess. Smh…

      Thanks for commenting on another whiny-ass post…

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks so much, genuinesubgirl – turns out i have a cold or some such nonsense, but i’m not a slug anymore, thank goodness!

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