Repossessed – Part 8

“Up,” he says, and i raise my torso.  i am embarrassed to look at him, but “Good girl,” he says, and that makes me smile.  i am eager for his next order ~ will he fuck me or take my mouth or what?

i’m surprised when he says, “Come on.  Let’s go back to the house,” but still hopeful.  Maybe he just wants a more comfortable space?  Dismayed when he adds, “The groomers will be here soon, and you’ll feel better when you’re clean and shaved and all that.”

“Heel,” he says, and i fall into place, about three steps behind him.  Close enough that i can hear him talking about the grounds, the walking trails that we’ll explore, pointing out the different kinds of trees.  “That’s a birch tree,” he says, “And that one’s hickory, we have lots of those, they make the best kind of switches.  When you’ve earned the use of your hands, you’ll be allowed to come pick your own switch when you’re to be punished.”

i am stunned, i had not realized ~ not quite realized ~ that i am not allowed to use my hands, although now that he’s said it, of course it’s obvious.    Sheesh.  Not for food or water, not even to wipe myself.  i wonder how long it will take me to earn those ~ privileges?  Are they privileges?  And “allowed to pick my own switch?”  Is that a privilege too?

i’m frowning, worried, and my pace has slowed, i’m no longer right behind him.  i look up to see he’s stopped and is waiting for me to catch up.  i take a few quick steps and stop about three paces away, but he motions me closer.  He takes my hair – the braid that falls down my back – in one hand and tilts my head back so my face is turned up to him.  He looks at me for a long moment.

“You’re worried,” he says, “and there’s no need to be.  I wish I could reassure you, it will all be ok.  But I know you have to experience that for yourself.”  He release my hair and smiles ruefully.  “Head down,” he says.  i bend at the waist, the way he showed me before ~ pause ~ and his hand descends on my ass, hard and sharp.  i cry out, and ~ yes, my pussy clenches.  And throbs.

“No more lollygagging around, worrying,” he says.  “I know this isn’t a training walk, but you’ve done plenty of walking to heel, i expect you to keep up.  Heel.”  And he takes off again.

i promise myself that i will think about this later, when i’m not under such scrutiny.  An image of the cage comes to mind, but i push it away.  i need to focus on following Master.

In the kitchen again, a man and a woman i haven’t seen before are sitting at the table drinking coffee or tea or something from mugs.   Master settles himself at the table and Joy brings him a mug as well.  He points to the floor beside his chair and says, “Sit.”  Without even looking at me.  Just “Sit.”

i remember the spanking, so i go down on my knees pretty quickly, rocking back on my heels.  He strokes my head.  Joy brings the water bowl, with the special straw, and places it on the floor beside me.  Master glances down at me and gives my head a last pat, “Go ahead.  Drink.” he says, “Drink your water.”

i hesitate, can i pick it up?  i’m pretty sure i can’t, pretty sure i’m not supposed to, but really, does he expect me to lean down there and drink from it on the floor?  The conversation has stopped, everyone’s attention is on me, and i’m frozen, i don’t know what to do.

Joy saves me, bustling over and saying, “Poor thing, you tell her to drink and she hasn’t been trained on how to do anything yet!”  She squats down beside me,  “Look sweetie, the straw is right here.  All you have to do is bend over ~ and your arms are free, so you can even brace yourself, like this.”  And she takes my arms and tugs gently, showing me how to lean over the water bowl so my mouth can easily reach the straw.  “There you go,” she says, standing back up.

i start to drink ~ i am really thirsty ~ but i feel Master’s hands on my hips.  “Stay right where you are,” he says, “When you’re in this position, you ass should be raised a bit, here, just like this.  Not so high in the air that you look like you’re waving it around but right here, so your pussy’s available.”  He touches me there when he says it, and it’s a good think i’ve stopped drinking or i might have choked on the water.  i am soooo damn hot, i want to push back and rub myself on his hand til i come.  But he moves his hand and taps my ass lightly, “Good girl,” he says.  “When you’ve had enough to drink, you may sit again.”

They take their time with their coffee, i’m getting quite bored listening to them talk about people and events that i don’t know anything about.  Master strokes me from time to time and i can’t help shivering with pleasure at his touch.

Finally he says, “Well, I guess youall need to get started on my little slave here,  I know you know what to do, take good care of her.  She is really untrained, so we’re only punishing for clear disobedience right now.  Try to make sure you’ve given her clear instructions on what you want first, ok?”

Then to me he says, “Up.  Sit up.”  i straighten my body the way Nelda had showed me earlier, so i’m up straight instead of on my heels.  “Good girl!” he says, sounding surprised.  “Now, when i say ‘stand,’ bring your right leg out and put your foot on the ground – like this – and then rise to your feet as smoothly as you can.  Now, back on your knees, there you go, now.  Ready ~ Stand.”

i follow his instructions, trying to be graceful, and i guess he’s pleased because he smiles when he says, “Good girl.”  Then, “Now you need to go get groomed.  Jorge and Mika will be grooming you, you be a good girl and do everything they say.   I’ll see you later.”  And he taps me on the ass, again ~ which is still more painful than you would think.

“Heel,” says the man, Jorge, i suppose, and i step into place, Mika is behind me, and we start down the long hall.


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