This Day

This day, i’m not going to fret about the future.  i am not going to brood about the past.  i can feel all kinds of little resentments building up about minor things, things that are really not important.  That’s not really like me, and i’m not going down that path.  

Master Michael of Our Master/slave journey commented on my  post yesterday, so of course i went to check out his blog ~ his and slave Angie’s.  It’s really terrific ~ more educational than many blogs, and very down to earth.  If you haven’t already been there, you should go see it.

Anyhow, today he posted a suggestion for a meditation or thought exercise that i thought might be helpful.  He had a list of qualities and asked:  

How have you applied each to both your own improvement and the improvement of your M/s (or D/s) dynamic?

So i’m going to focus on two of the qualities today ~ the pleasure of working and the virtue of patience.  (And later today, i’ll post the next installment of Repossessed.)  

One last thing ~ in case you don’t already know it ~ it means so much to me to have this place to come to where i will find support without pity and without judgement.  Just saying what i’m feeling without feeling guilty or whiny or ridiculous is lovely.  Thank you.


4 thoughts on “This Day

    1. sofia Post author

      Thank you so much, Shy submissive! i’m so glad you’re enjoying the story. You know, i always write for myself, but it’s such an added bonus when other people like it too!


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