Repossessed – Part 7

Master is waiting for us in the kitchen, looking a bit impatient.  But he takes a moment to admire my tennis shoes and bra, making me turn slowly, and comments, “Nice job,” to Nelda.

“Come,” he says to me, and i approach him slowly, a bit nervous.  When i get close enough, he strokes my hair gently and i can’t help leaning into his hand.  With his other hand, he rubs my nipples, one at a time, first rubbing, then flicking, and then tugging.  i want to move away, but he has grasped my hair at the nape of my neck, right where my braid is.  i am held in place.

Unable to escape, i submit, and my pussy clenches, burning fiercely.  A moan escapes me.  He laughs, releases me, and smacks my ass  ~ which hurts more than you would expect, since it is still sore and tender!  “Here,” he says, and he unfastens my leash.  “I’m going to let you run off the leash for a while.  You just be sure to come when I call you.  Nelda, let me borrow your crop.  I don’t think I’ll need it, but if she decides to take off, I want to be able to handle it immediately.”

Nelda hands over her crop, and he lightly taps my leg with it.  “Heel,” he says, heading for the door.  He doesn’t wait to see if i’m following, but i don’t hesitate, i am right behind him.

It is warm and sunny, a beautiful day.   Strange to be outside so close to naked, but i’m almost getting used to it.  i follow Master to an area at a little distance from the house where there is a walking track.  “I’m going to walk a bit and run some,” he says, “but you don’t have to stay with me.  Walk or run or do whatever you want, as long as you stay in sight.”  He starts off at a slow jog and i follow for part of a lap, then i decide to take advantage of my relative freedom and i slow to a walk.

i want to think about what is happening to me, but i can’t seem to wrap my head around it.  i think i should be much more upset than i am.  So much has happened so quickly.  Just a week ago ~ maybe a week ago?  Recently anyhow, not that long ago, i was living my own mundane life.  A job i didn’t care for, no brothers or sisters, no children, both my parents deceased.  i had just moved to a new city, no close ties to anyone… bored and lonely.

So when the stranger knocked on my door and said he was selling chances on “a new life,” and they only cost $5.00, of course i bought one.   i thought it was a joke.  A scam.  “How will i know if i’ve won?” i said.

And he grinned, “Don’t worry, you’ll know!  Let’s just say you’ll be notified.”  And then he was gone, before i could ask him anything else, he was just gone.

Days went by.  i had forgotten about it.  Then that night ~

i wake up, not sure what’s awakened me, and lie there quietly for a minute.  When i open my eyes, i realize there is a shadow ~ a person ~ oh, the stranger is in my room!  Before i can say anything, or even scream, he says, “Come on!  You won!  Your new life starts now!”

i sit up on the edge of the bed, clutching my blankets, “What???  How did you ~ no, you’re crazy,” i say, “i’m not going anywhere with you.  Well, not until you tell me where we’re going.  Why should i trust you?”

He shakes his head.  “Silly.  It’s not about me.  It’s you.  You won.  You won the new life.  It’s not an option now.”

The room spins, i close my eyes, dizzy… it spins for a long time.  At last, it stops, i open my eyes and ~ well, i am not in Kansas anymore.

“Come!  Come here!”  His voice penetrates my fog of memories and i look up.  He is standing at the far end of the track.  He motions to me, “come,” and i start to move more quickly.  No time to think now.

i am almost running when i reach him.  He smiles, “Good girl,” and strokes my cheek.  The caress feels good.  He runs his hands down my back, stroking me with a gentle, firm hand, then moves to my front, stroking and rubbing my shoulders, upper arms, then my chest and my breasts.  His hand move over my nipples with the same cool touch as he had used for my back.  But i shudder.

He is gentle as he strokes my ass, “I know you’re sore back here,” he says, sounding almost apologetic.  His hands move to my front, stroking my pussy a bit more roughly.  As he parts the lips, touches the wetness  at my center, he penetrates me abruptly.  i cry out, but i press myself closer, allowing his fingers deeper access.  i wish i didn’t respond so easily.

He grins.  “So wet!” he says.  “What a good girl you are, all wet and ready.”

i think he is going to take me, and i am surprised to realize i’m quite ok with that, i am so very hot and yeah, i won’t mind if he decides to fuck me.  All this playing with my nipples and even the spanking i have received are making me almost unbearably needy.

He pulls his fingers out, takes a step back.  “Open,” he says.  i step out so my legs are more than shoulder width apart, and open my mouth a bit to allow him access if he wants it.  “Head down,” he says.  i bend my head forward, lowering it, but he laughs, “No, good try, good girl, but ‘head down’ means i want your head way down, bend at the waist, here,” and he bends me over so i can touch the ground with my hands.  He reaches behind me and his fingers, wet from my pussy, penetrate my ass.

i gasp ~ no one has done this before, and it’s ~ o ~ it’s uncomfortable and um ~ o, it’s ~ it feels um, kind of good and kind of bad and i don’t know what to make of it.  Then he removes his fingers and i sigh ~ with relief or a sense of loss, i don’t know which.

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