Repossessed – Part 6

Nelda takes my leash and ~ much to my dismay ~ says, “Heel.”

i want to say NO ~ o, you can’t imagine how much i want to say no.  But my ass is still throbbing and sore from the spanking and i don’t dare defy her.  Master is watching me closely, so i slide into place as smoothly as i can, and notice his smile.

We walk down a long carpeted hallway until the carpet ends and is replaced with linoleum.  Cheap linoleum i think.   The last room on the right, she stops and goes through the door, with me following about three steps behind her.

i gasp.  The room ~ o, my ~ the room is large, but there are three ~ three ~ cages, that’s the only word for it ~ three cages in the room.  Like this:


~ three of them, two of them side by side against one wall, one of them on the other side of the room. “Cages!!” i say, “They’re cages!” then i bite my lip, i know i’m not supposed to speak, but it’s a cage!!

“Yes, of course,” Nelda says.  “Nothing to get upset about.  This is just until you get trained.  This way we don’t have to worry about keeping you tied up on the leash or a chain.  It’s better if you can sleep without the big collar, much more comfortable.  You’ll see.”

“But,” she goes on, “We came back here to get you ready to go walk with Master.   That means you need shoes, and a sports bra.”

There are lockers against one wall, she opens one and glances at me ~ “About a size seven shoe?”  i nod, and she pulls out a really cute pair of purple tennis shoes, with socks to match.  “Let’s try these,” she says.

i reach out for them, but she shakes her head.  “No, lie down, on your back, here on this little rug.”  It’s a throw rug, and i think she must be kidding, but no, she makes me like down on my back, feet up in the air so she can put the socks and shoes on me.

She does it quite deftly, commenting as she does that my feet are filthy.   Fastening the velcro on my shoes, she adds, “But we can clean you up when the groomers come.  Don’t worry about it now.”

Then, “Up,” she says, looking through another locker.  She pulls out a purple sports bra.  “This should work.”  She pulls it over my head, directing me as she does so, and i realize it has big holes in the front part.  Holes that she arranges so my nipples are exposed.  Framed in the holes.   She even pulls on them to show them to better advantage.

“There,” she says with a smile, “You look very nice.  Walk around a little bit and let’s make sure the shoes are ok.”  Under her direction, i walk back and forth across the room several times.  The shoes are lightweight and very comfortable.  i feel very odd walking around in this odd sports bra, socks and tennis shoes, and otherwise quite naked, but there is nothing i can do about it.

“Now, on your knees,” she says.  i kneel as i have been doing, ready to rock back on my heels, but “No, all the way down, on your hands and knees,” she says.

Slowly, o so reluctantly, i move, leaning forward, o, i don’t want to do this, don’t want to… and while i’m thinking that, i suddenly hear a SWISH and feel a burning sensation across my ass.  i cry out and fall forward, landing in the position she wanted me in anyhow, on all fours.  Tears fill my eyes.  They spill over, running down my cheeks, and a sob escapes me.

Nelda plops herself down on the floor next to me, raising my chin with one hand so she can see my face.  “O!  Poor baby ~ why are you crying?  What’s the matter?”  She doesn’t wait for an answer, which is good because i’m crying too hard to speak, and anything i said would have been rude.  She goes on,

“It’s ok, I just need to check and make sure that sports bra fits ok, and this is the best way to do it.  When you’re on all fours like this, the nipples should be exactly centered.”  i have begun to stifle my tears, and when she tugs on my nipples firmly, i whimper.

“There, see,” she says.  “That’s not so bad, is it?  I hate to have to use the riding crop on you, but you need to obey immediately.  I know you don’t understand that yet, but you will.”  She is stroking my cheeks, wiping the tears away, and i sigh.  i do feel better, now that she’s being nice to me.

“Here, blow,” she has pulled a kleenex out of her pocket and holds it to my nose.  Obediently, i blow my nose, and she wipes it.  “There,” she says.  “Now, when I say, ‘Sit Up,’ I want you to raise up so you’re kneeling straight up, not rocked back on your heels.  Ready?”

She stands and then, “Sit Up,” she says.  i raise up, kneeling tall.  “Good girl!” she says.  “Good girl.  Here, drink of water before you go out,” and she fills a bowl like the one i have drunk out of before and holds it near my mouth so i can drink from the attached straw.

Then she takes my leash in one hand, says, “Up.”  i stand and “Heel,” i fall into place behind her.  She doesn’t look back, but i can hear a soft, “good girl,” as we start down the long hall.

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