Repossessed – Part 5

i had screamed.  i had begged and pleaded with them to stop.

Nelda had spanked me to tears, and then Joy had begun.  This fresh onslaught of blows on my ass and thighs was too much ~ i felt something inside me shift, and i quit fighting.  The pain overwhelmed me and i began to let myself relax into it.

Master is still by my head, watching and caressing me.  He seems to sense this change and says, “That’s better, yes.  You’re a stubborn little thing, but I knew you could do it.”

i am listening to him with all my attention.

“This is the first of my spankings or beatings.  Some of them will be for correction, some of them for punishment, and some just for my gratification and pleasure.”

Joy continues to spank me with enthusiasm and i am amazed that i can focus on Master’s voice more than on the pain she’s inflicting.

“Remember,” he says, “that no matter who is spanking you, it comes from me and is done because I want it be so.  Always, when we are finished, you will thank me or the person administering the spanking.  Is that clear?”

Tears are running down my face, but i manage to respond, “Yes, Master.’  He strokes my face, pinches the nipple closest to him.

“Ok, Joy,” he says, “Wrap it up, I’ll finish up here in a minute.  Slave girl, you pay attention to what you’re feeling.  These early moments of submission are very powerful.”

i am hyper-aware of Joy’s hands, making their way over my ass and thighs one more time, one slap at a time.  The blows are still hard, and lingering, but i have a sense of being caressed as well.  Master is stroking my hair and face.  i’ve quit crying and am able to lie still.

She pats me gently while my Master moves to take her place.  His hands stroke me too and i bask in the sensation.  Fingers probe between my thighs.  “I’m going to make you cum,” he says, “Soon.  But first i’m going to give you four licks, this time with the paddle.   But I want you to ask me for it.  I want you to say, “Master, please use the paddle on me.”

i am in a daze, and i can’t believe i hear myself saying those words, but there i am, and i do, “Master, please use the paddle on me.”

He does.  Four times.  Three times on my ass ~ the paddle covers both cheeks easily.  i scream with each blow ~ it hurts sooo bad, i think i will not be able to stand it, i pull at my restraints, trying to escape the next one, but i am firmly secure.  Joy is at my head now, stroking my hair, wiping tears from my cheeks.   Master pauses between each blow, long enough for the pain to fully sink in, before striking again.

The fourth blow lands on my upper thighs and this is so overwhelming i can’t make a sound.  Joy’s hands are gentle, and i rub my head against her hand as if that could help.  As the stinging begins to lessen, i feel Master beside me again.  He unties me, loosening my bonds.

“Stay still,” he says, “You need to rest a bit before you get up.”

i am happy to stay where i am.

“You may thank me now,” he says.  i hesitate, but just for a moment.  “Thank you, Master,” i say, and i am disconcerted to realize that i mean it.

Then i feel his hands between my legs.  Fingers inside me, a thumb on my clit, which is swollen and wet and throbbing.  It seems like no time, i am wiggling with pleasure, whimpering, o, so ready to cum.

“Ask permission,” he says.  “Don’t cum without permission.”

i am pressing against his hand, but i manage to say, “Please Master, may i cum? Please?”

“Yes,” he says, “Cum now, slave.”  And i do, an amazing, earth-shaking orgasm that leaves me  shuddering with pleasure as intense as the pain had been.  As the last quakes die away, i am drained and spent.  i think i may never move again.

Nelda brings me a bowl of water ~ the same bowl i had disdained earlier.  i see that it is specially made with a straw i can drink through.  i drink greedily, and she stops me part way through, saying, “Not too much just yet.”

“Now,” says Master, helping me to my feet, “Let’s try this again.”  i lean on him as he leads me back to the kitchen.

My ass and thighs are so sore, i’m glad i don’t have to sit on a chair.  This time, when he directs me to the floor with a snap of his fingers and the command, “Down,” i slip to my knees.  Joy shows me how to sit, rocked back on my heels with my knees spread wide.  My ass hurts where it rests against my heels and i sit lightly.

Master pats my head.  Pets my head, i don’t know.  Whatever you call it, it feels good, and i rub my head against his hand.

Nelda brings the stew and my water.  i do not have a food bowl, Master feeds me by hand from his dish, bites of meat and carrot, mushrooms and tomato.  An occasional bite of cornbread, sweet and delicious.  The stew is messy, i lick his hand clean with each bite he gives me.

He chats with Joy and Nelda as they eat, but the conversation seems very far away from me, and i am not paying attention to it.  After every few bites, Master says, “Drink,” and i bend over to the bowl on the floor, grasping the straw in my mouth without using my hands, and drink the water.  When i raise back up, he rubs me behind my ear.

When we are finished ~ when he decides we’re finished ~ he says, “Thank me, slave.”

“Thank you, Master,” i say gratefully, “for feeding me.”

“The groomers are scheduled in a couple of hours,” he says.  “They will bathe you and fix your hair, remove the hair that should be removed.  You may use the toilet now, and then i’m going to take you outside.  We’ll go to the training track, but I’m not going to do any formal training with you right now.  I’ll just watch you move a bit, let you get some exercise.  Now, Sit Up.”

Instinctively, i rise off my heels, kneeling straight up.  He pats my head approvingly.  “Up,” he says.  i struggle to rise gracefully, and he puts a hand under my arm to help me up.  “That’s ok,” he says, “We’ll work on that until you get it right.  Nelda, will you show her the room she’ll be in and the toilet, please?”


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