Discipline is a state of mind

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this post, reblogged from Love with Domination. I love this blog. He has another post that starts with these words:
You cannot become submissive if you do not have the basic inclination to serve and the emotional pleasure of being available to serve. Once you have that, you are well on your way to knowing you are submissive.”
These posts – his words – remind me that i truly am a submissive woman, and that there is a reason i wanted this lifestyle. i needed to share that here.
Stay tuned, I’ll probably post the next part of Repossessed later today…


2 thoughts on “Discipline is a state of mind

    1. sofia Post author

      O, absolutely, Fury! i thought the post on discipline – and really, the rest of the post that the excerpt is from – make it clear that he sees it that way too. That’s what i like about his posts. It reminds me that some Domminants understand that we need – discipline. And attention. And so on. So yeah. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.


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