Repossessed – Part 3

i awake as they are unfastening my ankles.  Someone ~ my owner, or someone else ~ helps me to my knees.

The gag is removed, and i realize i have drooled as i slept.  Drooled a lot.  Whoever is with me makes a tsking sound as he wipes my mouth and cheek.  i want to protest at that ~ it’s not my fault!  Anyone would drool, sleeping with a gag in their mouth!  But i swallow that complaint.

He helps me to my feet, not too gently.  He touches my breasts, runs a hand between my thighs, rubs my ass, more as if he is just checking that my parts are all there rather than as if he is interested in touching me.

“Do you need to pee?” he asks.

i nod enthusiastically, realizing that oh, yes, i really do.

He pulls the blindfold off then, and points me toward the back of the van.  There is actually a toilet there.  “Go ahead,” he says, but he doesn’t let go of me, helping me move in that direction.  i am shaky on my feet, and appreciate the support.

He helps me sit.

i am hoping he will turn away, but instead he watches me, looking a bit bored and impatient.  “Go ahead,” he says, “Do your business now.”

i can’t hold back, a stream of urine escapes me, and when i am finished he nods and says, “Good girl.”

i flush, humiliated again, and i blurt out “i’m not a dog you know.”

He looks a bit surprised.  “I know,” he says mildly.  “Would you like to wipe your pussy now?”

Chagrined because of course with my hands still fastened to my collar i can’t do that, i say, “Yes, i would, yes, please.”

He nods.  “I don’t guess you can though.  Can you get your hands free?  No?  Guess you’ll have to ask me to do it then, won’t you?”

“Ask ~ ask you to?”

“Well, who else are you going to ask?  No one else around to do it.  You’ll need to ask me nicely too.  You may call me Master when you’re asking for a favor.  Do you know how to ask nicely?”

i am stunned, he can’t be serious, but omg, yes, clearly he is.

“Speak up,” he says.  “It’s a simple question, do you know how to ask nicely for what you want?”

“i ~ i think i do, yes, of course i do.”

“Then i suggest you go ahead and ask me nicely, ‘please, Master would you wipe my pussy for me.’  If you don’t do it now, the groomer will clean you up when we go inside, but it doesn’t make a good impression to go in with piss dripping down your leg.  Your choice though.”

It is a terrible choice, and i have to force the words out, “Please, Master, would you ~~ would you ~ wipe my pussy ~ for me?”

He smiles and nods, “I’d be glad to,” he says, stepping closer, pulling toilet paper off the roll.  “Open,” he says, and i spread my knees wide while he firmly and thoroughly wipes my pussy.  “Stand,” he says.

Obediently, i get to my feet, and “Head down,” he says.  He grasps the leash and pulls, forcing my head down, causing me to bend at the waist.  “Stay,” he says.

Then ~ much to my shame ~ he parts my ass cheeks and wipes me there as well.

“Ok, up you go,” he says when he’s finished.  “That’s much better, we don’t want you to be dirty.  Now let’s introduce you to your new home.”

He takes the leash, turns away from me, and says, “Heel.”  There is a ramp at the back of the van so i can follow him down as quickly as he’s moving.  It feels good to stretch and move around again.

As if he’s read my mind, he glances over his shoulder at me and says, “Once we’ve got you settled in a bit ~ given you some food and water, broken you in with your first spanking, and so on, i’ll take you out for your first training walk.  It’s a lovely day for it, and the exercise will do you good.”

i am trying to absorb this information and look around me at the same time.  We seem to be in the country, there is quite a lot of land around us, trees and so on, and a large house.  We make our way up the steps and i think we are going to through the front door but there’s a tug on the leash and we move to the right instead, following a porch all the way around to the back door.

There are two women by the door, and they greet my Master enthusiastically.  We are in a large kitchen, which looks quite comfortable.  They are dressed in jeans and boots and i notice that they each have a riding crop attached at the belt.  i think that the Master must have horses on the farm.

But they are very interested in me.  They move my arms so they can touch my breasts, and touch my face, caress my lips.

The Master laughs.  “She’s lovely, isn’t she?” he says.  “And very new and inexperienced.  We will be gentle with her, i think she has the heart of a slave and i want to train her in the best way.”

They nod and agree that it will be worth the work invested in me.

i want to say something, but i do not know what i would say, and i think that i am not allowed to speak without permission.  My hands are unfastened and i’m allowed to stretch my arms.

“Come on,” one of the women says to the Master, “we’ve been waiting for you all morning.  We’ve fixed a lovely stew for her, and i’m sure she needs water.”

“And what about me?” asks the Master, laughing.  “Don’t I need some coffee and some lovely stew too?”

One of the women ~ the blonde one who is a bit younger than the other one ~ flushes red at his words and says, “Oh, I’m so sorry, of course you do!!  Here, we have the table all set and everything.  Just sit down here, and we’ll serve you.”

With a little more fuss, the Master settles himself at the head of a table in the next room.  There is only one place setting, and i’m wondering if i am to be taken somewhere else to eat.  But ~ “I’ll hand feed her,” he says.

He snaps his fingers and points to the floor next to his chair.  “Down,” he says.

Dismayed, i realize he expects me to sit on the floor by his feet.  And ~ o, this can’t be right ~ there is a bowl there, filled with water.  O, no.  Do they think ~

“i told you, i’m not a dog!” i say, my voice is shaking, but i don’t care.


2 thoughts on “Repossessed – Part 3

  1. vanillamom

    This really only keeps getting better and better and better. If you stop now I will have to hunt you down and spank you. 😀

    kidding (maybe…)


    1. sofia Post author

      Lol, that would be one way to get spanked! But actually, I’m already almost through with part 9 – that’s right – 9. So i’m glad you like it!!


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