Repossessed – Part 2

i manage to stay the right distance behind him as my new Master leads me up the stairs.  He moves quickly, holding the leash loosely.  Toward the top of the stairs, he tightens the length for a moment, i notice a slight jerk, then he takes the last step ~ turns to the right ~ quickly ~ so quickly i am too close to him.   i barely avoid running into him.

He stops short.  “Heel,” he says.

It takes me a second to realize what he wants.  As the command registers, i feel a wave of humiliation ~ seriously, he wants me to fall into step behind him again like ~ like a dog ~ at the same time, a rush of warmth between my thighs ~ what is that about?  This cannot be turning me on.  i stumble a bit as i move, placing myself behind him about 3 steps.

He turns toward me, brushes my lips with his thumb, then my nipples, which are already hard and sensitive.  “Good girl,” he says.   “When we have time, we’ll practice until you can heel flawlessly no matter how many turns we make.  For now, just do the best you can.”

Then he is off again, down a hallway, moving so quickly i have to jog a bit to keep up with him.  At the front doors, he stops to chat with the guard for a moment in the language i don’t understand.

i have time to look at those door and remember the last time i’d been outside this building.  i don’t know how long it has been ~ a day?  Two days?  And now he is going to lead me back out through those doors, naked and exposed, wearing cuffs and a collar, on a leash.  How can this be happening?

But there is no time to think about it.  “Heel,” he says, and opens the doors.

i follow.

It is dark outside, but there are street lamps.  A few people moving down the street.  A car goes by.  No one seems to be paying any attention to us.

He walks me to the corner, where a small van is parked.  Another man gets out of the driver’s seat and opens the back.  Jon helps me climb into the back of the van, handing the leash to a third man who is waiting there.  There are benches, leather maybe, on each side, and the floor is carpeted.  The walls are padded.  i notice a metal ring set in the floor, and other rings hanging on the walls.

Jon ~ Mr Jon?  Master Jon?  Sir Jon?  i do not even know how i am to address him ~ but he is speaking to this third man, who is younger and friendly looking.  i am not surprised when the end of my leash is attached to the ring in the floor.

My new owner steps into the van and hooks my cuffs together in front of me, then attaches them to my collar.  It is quite comfortable, but deprives me of the use of my hands as certainly as if he had cuffed them behind me.

“Down,” he says, jerking downward firmly on the leash.  i quickly kneel ~ this is the position they have wanted me in before, and apparently it’s acceptable now, as he says, “good girl.”

Then, “Open,” he says, and i spread my knees as wide as i can and open my mouth slightly.  He steps behind me and i am surprised when he slides a gag in my mouth.  It is small and hard, shaped like a cock, and has a cloth bit attached to it that fastens around my head.  To my surprise, it is not uncomfortable.

The blindfold goes on next, soft and dark and snug.

Then, “Lay down,” he says, and i do, he helps me down on my side.  He fastens my ankle cuffs together and then runs something ~ a strap of some sort ~ through the rings in the cuffs and up to my collar.  The strap goes from the back of my ankles up to where my hands are fastened in front, he has pulled it between my legs so it rests on the mound of my pussy.  He tugs on it, and it rubs against the cleft between my lips, just at the top, near my clit.

“Hog-tied” he says.  “Lightly, you shouldn’t be uncomfortable, and will be quite secure.”  A hand ~ i do not know if it is his or the other man’s ~ caresses my pussy, penetrating my wetness.  i squirm a bit, which pulls the strap between my legs tighter in a way that is uncomfortable and seductive.  The hand withdraws and i moan but the sound is stifled by the gag.  The hand ~ or another ~ caresses my ass, moving from the cheeks to barely stroking the smaller entrance, which is also slick and wet.

“When we arrive, I will give you your first real spanking.” he says, and i shiver.  “But for now, you may rest.  It’s not a long journey.”  Then he arranges my cape over me, as if he were tucking me in.

The van rocks a bit with footsteps, bounces, and the doors slam closed.  i am sure my owner has left.

i do not know if the other man is still with me or not.  i cannot see if he’s there, can’t say anything, and certainly can’t move around.  The slightest movement increases the tension of the strap between my legs, so i lie still.  The thought of the spanking i will receive makes me quite anxious, but there is no point in worrying about it now.

Resigned, i decide to follow my owner’s instructions and get some rest.  i hear the van engine start.  Slowly, we move forward.

Within  moments, i am asleep.


6 thoughts on “Repossessed – Part 2

  1. vanillamom

    what a clever and delightfully naughty story this is. Forgot to comment on part one which I read last night in bed…this is wicked, wicked (and hawt, hawt). I LOVE the premise of this. 😀 “Repo’d slut”…wow. Your writing always pulls me in so that I’m right *there* in the story. Bravo!


    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, nilla – you know i take that feedback as a huge, huge, huge compliment, coming from you, the queen of kinky stories!! 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, Flirtyfeisty,

      Lord, no, that didn’t happen to me! I always tag my fantasies “fantasy” and use that category too. i obviously have a warped imagination… lol. i’m glad you thought it was hot!! Thank you – for reading and commenting, too!


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