The Loss of Mysterious Day Four

So i actually published Day Four of the Ten to One meme, and somehow it disappeared.  i’ve decided that was a sign from the Universe that it wasn’t supposed to get published, so i’m not redoing it the same way.  Jz did a great one here, with lots of cute and interesting responses.

My post consisted of the categories of things that occupy space in my head.   It was sad – not in a “feel like crying” way, just dreadfully, pathetically mundane.

Which made me realize that i need to find magic in my life for myself.


Being submissive makes me feel this way.  But that’s not the only thing that can do it, i know this.  So i need to grow the practices that allow me to connect with this part of myself.

For the record, i have talked with Sir about how i’m feeling, so i’m being open about that.  i don’t know where that will take us, if anywhere, but at least i’ve said what i’m feeling.

7 things that cross my mind:

1.  { While driving} Damn, i should have turned there!

2.  {Waking up}  Coffee.  Coffee.  Coffee.

3.  What do i want to eat?

4.  What am i going to wear???

5.  What are we going to do this weekend?

6.  Is it time for bed yet?

7.  Maybe i should go to the coffee shop…

So there ya go – a glimpse into the mundane mind of a sanguine submissive girl


4 thoughts on “The Loss of Mysterious Day Four

  1. Jz

    And, of course, the answer to #7 is always, “Yes!” 😀

    In a less flippant vein, however…
    I think you’re wise to consider expanding your access to the magic. It has often struck me how much people tend to put their eggs in one basket. We all have baskets of choice, of course, but there are many other fine woven containers out there that deserve appreciation on their own merit.
    (Did I just extend that metaphor so far that it became completely unintelligible?)

  2. Soume Stalked (Fury)

    I just realized I did read the original too. I wonder where your post went. It’s weird when internet things just randomly disappear. I think often we aren’t aware when that happens and then sometimes we are. I had an email disappear this morning. And the reason that I know is that I emailed a reminder to myself about something and it never arrived. It’s probably stuck circling the globe or something.

    I think that you and Jz are both right, we’ve all found things that access the magic and it’s terribly frustrating when our access that way is taken away. But there are other things too, yoga, love, creativity, chocolate (I love coffee too, but chocolate is more direct access in my opinion).


    1. sofia Post author

      Yep, super weird when things disappear, and this totally makes me realize that things could disappear and i’d never know – i wouldn’t have known this was gone if it weren’t for Lady P pointing it out.

      Thanks for reminding me to count chocolate as a magic-access point! You are so right. 🙂


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