Thought i’d go ahead and post this little fantasy so i can feel like i accomplished something today…

i wake up a bit disoriented – the lights are on full force and there are other people stirring into wakefulness – where? – O, the memories rushing back, right,  of course.  But why are we – what –

He is there – in the room with us, and some other men too, which frightens me.  He has not used me yet, is he going to ~ what is going on?

He speaks then, first in the other language that i don’t know, and i watch some of the others, cringing, some of them crying ~ what on earth?

He switches to English, to my relief, smiling ruefully at me, “I’m so sorry,” he says, “you’re being repossessed.   You know I had planned to train you and sell you at a profit, but some financial reverses, you know how it is…”and he runs his hand through his hair, as if he had just told me i wasn’t getting the meal i’d ordered or something equally unimportant. i am still trying to wake up, wonder if this is a dream.

“Repossessed???  But what will happen now?” i ask.

He shakes his head.  “No questions, girl.   You need to learn discipline,   I didn’t say you could speak, and they will be much quicker to punish you than I have been.  Now get up.”  He turns, talking to the men with him in his own language.

i glance around, the others are up and moving, draping themselves in the capes we wear here.  Quickly, i stand, only half embarrassed by my nakedness.  i am embarrassed by my need to use the pot next to my bed, but no one else is inhibited about it so i squat and void my bladder, trying to feel as matter-of-fact as everyone else looks.

My cape is at the bottom of the bed.  i am still attached to the bed by the leash clipped to my collar, but i can reach the cape.  i drape it over me.   Soft and lightweight, i don’t need it for warmth, but enjoy the feel of it on my skin.  It clips to my collar, and i know better than to try to cover myself completely with it, so it gapes open in the front.

One of the men who i don’t know moves closer to me.  He is older than the others, and in different circumstances i might have thought him handsome.  He places his hand on my chin, tilting my head back.   “This is the slut who speaks English?” he asks, in an accent different from the man i had begun to think of as my Master.

My Master – former master now, i guess – moves toward us, “Yes, that’s the one.  Completely untrained, but she should bring a good price anyway.  She’ll resist nicely, and she has the instincts of a slave so she can be brought to heel without too much effort.”

i open my mouth to protest, but before i can say a word, the strange man slides his thumb into my mouth.  HIs grasp on my jaw prevents me from speaking, and without thinking i close my mouth, accepting the thumb pressed against my tongue, filling my mouth.

He smiles.

“Put your hands behind your back,” he says.  i am afraid not to.  i am already wearing cuffs on my wrists and i know how quickly they can be hooked together to restrain me.

i place my hands behind my back.  This pulls my shoulders back, thrusts my breasts forward.  He arranges the cape behind my shoulders so my front is completely exposed.

“Stay,” he says, clearly a command.  i don’t dare move.

His thumb is still in my  mouth, and i realize that i’ve begun sucking it lightly.  He removes it now. and flicks my nipples, hard, until they are both standing erect.

i feel heat between my thighs, and stifle a whimper.

“Open,” he says.

Confused, i don’t respond.  He shakes his head, “Lots of work to do here,” he says to my former Master, who nods.

“Yes, I told you, she is completely untrained.  But tell her what you want and see how well she does.”

The man who has continued flicking my nipples turns to me.  “When I say, ‘open,'” he says, “that means you open your legs, and your mouth, and make sure your hands are out of the way so you don’t interfere with anything I might want to do.  Now.  Open.”

i am humiliated, feel myself flushing, but quickly i open my legs and part my lips.  He ignores that and pulls up the cape in back to expose my ass.  My hands are clasped behind me, but i adjust them up to grasp my forearms so i’m not covering any part of my ass.

He nods, “Good girl,” he says, and i’m dismayed to realize how happy those words make me.

Then ~ quicker than i can describe it ~ he pulls my arms to raise them, which forces me to lean forward, bending at the waist, and his hand falls on my ass, smacking hard, one cheek and then the other ~ 3 – 4 – 6 blows and then, with equal suddenness, his fingers penetrate my pussy ~ they slide in so easily, i realize i am dripping wet, and i moan.

He laughs then, a full, rich laugh, and releases me.  Off balance, i might have fallen, but one hand is still on my arms, and he helps me stand.  “Stay,” he says, and i stand perfectly still, with my legs spread wide, lips parted, flushed and breathing hard.

“You’re right,” he says to the man who is no longer my Master.  “She’s going to be a lot of fun.  I’ll take her.”  Then, to me, he says, “I’m going to train you.  You’ll be beaten and forced to obey.  You will learn to be pleasing, and you’ll thank me for doing it.

My former Master unhooks my leash from the bed, and hands it to my new Master.  “She’s all yours,” he says, “and that settles my debt to you, right Jon?”

Jon, for that is my new Masters name, takes the leash, and nods.  “Yes.  We’re even now.”   Then – to me – “You will walk behind me.  About three steps.  On my right side.  Now, heel.”

And he begins to walk away.  Quickly, i fall in behind him, about three steps back, on the right.  i wonder where we are going and what will happen next.  i wonder why i’m not more worried about it.


7 thoughts on “Repossessed

    1. sofia Post author

      i’m glad you enjoyed it – it looks like it is the first of a series, but be forewarned, my series have a way of ending abruptly for no particular reason.

      i found your blog – welcome to the blogosphere! i’ll look forward to reading more of it!

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