Ten to One – Day Three

Eight ways to win my heart:

1.  Send me flowers.  Preferably at work.  i really love that.  Yes, it’s shallow, but i used to love the oooh’s and ahhhh’s from other staff.

2.  Pay attention to me.  i am a big ole attention-whore.

3.  Talk about your emotions.

4.  Share your talent – sing me a song, write me a story, draw me a picture…

5.  Take me dancing.  It can be a blues festival or a honky-tonk bar or even just in the living room, but dance with me.

6.  Tell me i’m beautiful.  Not when i say “Does this look ok?”  When i say that, i really just want to know if the outfit works and doesn’t look stupid.  But tell me i’m beautiful when we’re talking or being intimate or just out of the blue.  You don’t even have to believe it – the words just do something to me.

7.  Be dominant.  Tell me to do something, give me an order, spank my ass.  But don’t just do it randomly, it needs to be part of our lifestyle so i can receive it and be open.

8.  Have a zest for life.  Be curious and engaged with the universe.


6 thoughts on “Ten to One – Day Three

  1. Jz

    Zest for life is very important, indeed!
    (she says, neatly sidestepping the ones that make her go, “oh, I don’t think so!” ;-p)

  2. Jz

    ummm… “oh, I don’t think so!” as they would work for ME, I feel compelled to add.
    These are lovely things to be done for *your* heart.
    It’s just that a couple of them would have me running for the hills… but that’s my issue with things I don’t handle well, not cuz they’re ooky or anything.

    (i’m shutting up and tiptoeing away now…)

  3. vanillamom

    I loved most of those. I used to like getting flowers when I worked in an office for the same reasons. But dancing has to come off my list. I don’t have two left feet…I have two left feet with opposing thumbs…yeah, this yankee don’t dance. 😀


    1. sofia Post author

      You’re so funny. You may not dance, but i’m pretty sure you don’t have to have a left and a right foot to do it – two lefts will work. Hugs…


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